Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Fan Theories

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Fan Theories

After Season 13 ended in May, we have been in an excruciating Grey's Anatomy drought. Luckily, there are some creative Grey's Anatomy fans out there to make the break between Grey's Anatomy Season 13 & Season 14 a little easier! So, here are some Grey's Anatomy Season 14 predictions and theories!

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Will Stephanie Edwards Die In Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

According to Reddit user atkins97, Stephanie Edwards may die after Grey's Anatomy comes back due to her injuries. Kind of like how Mark Sloan passed.

We kind of doubt that this would happen. But, at this point, could we put anything past Shonda Rhimes?

The Worst Predictions For The Grey's Anatomy Season 14

In another Reddit thread, fans shared their worst predictions for the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere. And to be honest, they're all pretty hilarious.

User milkshake12345 said, "Nathan dies in a car accident. Meredith takes her children and disappear for another year. That woman wasn't Megan."

Now THAT would be awful.

User frenchfryfelon offered up a theory that would give even Shonda Rhimes a run for her money.

They said, "Megan is traumatized and possibly psychotic, but she hides it unrealistically well. Maybe, she makes up a backstory that downplays her trauma. After making up with Riggs and Owen, she murders Jo for no reason. Alex assumes it was her husband. Megan becomes a doctor at Grey Sloan."

Oh, wow. But to be honest, we could actually see Megan joining the Grey Sloan Memorial staff sometime in the future...

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What will happen to Megan, Meredith, and Riggs?

TVLine decided to poll its readers about the Megan/Meredith/Riggs storyline. And here's what they said!

46.6% said that even if Nathan tries to stay with Megan a first, he will eventually be with Meredith.

31.71% said that Nathan would try to stay with Megan, but continue to want Meredith. But Mer would push him away because she wouldn't want to be the other woman.

12.67% said that Megan would reject Nathan so Meredith and Nathan would continue their relationship.

9.02% said that Nathan would help Megan recover and they would fall in love again.

What do you think will happen, Grey's fan?

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