Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Finale Will Be "Explosive!"

It might even be the worst yet!!

The Grey's Anatomy season finale on May 18 is just around the corner. We've definitely got to prepare ourselves for this one. Luckily, the Grey's cast spoke to fans at this year's Paleyfest. But, it kind of just makes us more nervous.

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins on Grey's, teased:

Capshaw's statement just adds to our fears, since we already know that the season finale will be on fire according to showrunner Shonda Rhimes! It looks like an explosion will cause a fire! To say we are scared is an understatement.

Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey, added:

Big, loud, and strong? We're itching with anticipation over here!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

And we're not the only ones. According to Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia Shepherd, the episode will leave fans with "dropped jaws" and even the cast was shocked. She reminisced what it was like at the table read:

But...Shondaland is already crazy as is! Now, they're telling us that it's worse?!

At least we were given some hope that the finale won't be all bad. There's a different kind of heat to the episode as well. Debbie Allen, who plays Catherine Avery teased that there would be some pretty intense romance in the finale. She added, "The end of this season is hot." But whether or not that's a good thing is debatable. Even though we know that Meredith and Nathan have some "big news," we've got a bunch of couples that are up in the air right now. So, who knows who it'll really be.

Cheers, Grey's fans! Only one episode left before the explosive finale! What do you think will happen!?

Catch Grey's on ABC every Thursday at 8/7c to find out!!

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