Is Josh Radnor Returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 15?

josh radnor returning grey's anatomy for meredith grey
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Who is the one for Meredith Grey?

Will Meredith Give John Another Chance on Grey's Anatomy?

This is it, Grey's Anatomy fans! Our girl Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is finally putting herself out there after the death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and we couldn't be happier for her.

To be honest, we're loving single Mer in season 15 and we don't really want her to find "The One" just yet. But, who knows. Maybe she has found him already.

The fan reactions were mixed during the last new episode of Grey's, where Meredith went on her first blind date with John, who was played by How I Met Your Mother alum Josh Radnor.

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While his actions as Ted Mosby on HIMYM were questionable at best, Radnor's character on Grey's hit it off with Meredith. That is until he said the one thing at the end of the date.

And though the date clearly ended in disaster, is this the end of Radnor on Grey's? Will he return to season 15 for Meredith Grey?

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Unfortunately, it looks like the episode where we saw Josh will be the last time.

According to TV Line, Radnor will not be returning to the ABC medical drama.

"Alas, even if he had his foot surgically removed from his mouth, there is no chance," The publication stated. "Just like Scott Speedman only agreed to play Nick in a single Season 14 episode, How I Met Your Mother alum Josh Radnor only signed on for one Season 15 appearance as the guy who unwittingly replaced the blind date with whom Cece set Mer up."

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Sad news for anyone rooting for these two.

But, great news for anyone who wants to see single Meredith date around and flourish on her own.

We just wonder who Mr. Right will be!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Who do you want to see Meredith with? Cast your votes here!

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