Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff Cast, Name, Air Date, Trailer, And More!

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Everything you need to know about the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff!

We're still months away from the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff, and we can't help but dig our way into all the ins and outs of the new show. And with Ben Warren (Jason George) making the move to the new fighter spinoff, we're absolutely obsessed. Now, ABC has announced several new cast members for the Grey's firefighter spinoff and we couldn't be more excited! And we bet you can't either! So, here is everything we know so far about the new Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff!

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What Will Happen In The Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff?

The Grey's spinoff, which was picked up straight to series, will focus on a group of Seattle firefighters and their professional and personal lives. While the firefighter spinoff was previously supposed to air its first episode as a backdoor pilot in Grey's Anatomy Season 14, ABC decided to go in a different direction.

Who Is In The Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff Cast?

Jaina Lee Ortiz has been cast as the spinoff's female lead. Details about her character are still under wraps.

Jason George will continue to play Ben Warren from Grey's Anatomy. His role will be used to keep Grey's and its spinoff connected. After the Season 13 finale of Grey's Anatomy, fans have wondered if Ben would hop over to the spinoff after going full-on firefighter mode to save Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton). There have been hints of his love for the "rush" it gave him, so showrunner Shonda Rhimes is definitely leaving hints for Jason's leap to the new show.

Grey Damon will play Lt. Jack Gibson. The former Friday Night Lights star will play a character who is charming, charismatic, and filled with passion. However, he doesn't always think everything through, both at work and home.

Okieriete Onaodowan will play Dean. The former Hamilton actor will play a single bachelor. He reminds us a bit of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), as he will use his work to seduce the ladies and will be somewhat of a jerk.

Danielle Savre will play Maya, a former Olympic athlete. She's definitely got some serious Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) vibes going on. She's driven, straightforward, edgy, and competitive.

Jay Hayden will play Travis, an openly gay firefighter, who is funny, well-liked by his peers, and is very by the book.

Barrett Doss will play Victoria, who is the life of the party and has a strong personality. However, she does so sometimes to hide from her own insecurities. Travis is also her best friend.

Miguel Sandoval will play Captain Pruit, the firefighter spinoff's own version of Richard Webber. We can't wait to see how they interact when the two shows collaborate.

What Is the Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff Called?

There is no word yet as to what the name of the firefighter spinoff will be called. In fact, it's been kept pretty under wraps. However, if it's anything like how Grey's Anatomy finally landed on their name, we'll be well into filming before finalizing a title.

When Will The Grey's Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff Premiere?

ABC has not announced the official premiere date for the Grey's firefighter spinoff. While we're still hoping for a few of the characters to be introduced during Grey's Anatomy Season 14, we're not holding our breath. The spinoff will also debut midseason.

Are you ready for the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff??

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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