Grey's Anatomy: 24 Alex Karev Moments That Are Unequivocally You

Every relatable moment of the evil spawn of Grey's Anatomy!

Grey's Anatomy may center around Meredith Grey, but to many, Alex Karev is the one who steals the spotlight. His bad boy with a heart of gold persona gives him endless amounts of relatable moments. So, here are 24 Alex Karev moments that are unequivocally you!

1. When You're Not So Great At Meeting New People

2. When You First Start To Workout And It's Terrible

3. So You Decide "Screw It" And Enjoy Life (And Amazing Food) Instead

4. When Someone Is Being Stupid But You Don't Want To Insult Them

5. When You Have To Entertain Yourself When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

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6. When You Realize That You Completely Forgot To Do Something Important

7. When You Gotta Check On Your Person After An Insane Night Out

8. When You're There For Your Person Whether They Want It Or Not

9. When You're The "Cool" Aunt/Uncle

10. When You Fall In Love With Someone For The First Time

11. When Your Friend Tries To Make You See The Positive Side Of Things

12. When You Do Something Self-Destructive Again...And Again


13. When You Need A New Profile Pic But You Have Chronic Resting Bitch Face

14. When You're Surprised By Your Super Smooth Dodging Skills

15. When You And Your Person Roast Someone Together

16. When Someone Doesn't Call Your Person Back

17. When Your Mom Is Yelling At You But Then Company Comes Over

18. Anytime You Talk To Other People...Ever

19. When You've Had A Rough Day And It's Drinking Time

20. When You've Found Your New Dark And Twisty BFF

21. When You Enhance (Ruin) Everyone's Pictures With Your Photobombs

22. When Making Fun Of One Of Your Friends Goes Too Far

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23. When Your Person Won't Pay Attention To You

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24. When You Gotta Cut Through The Crap And Just Keep Swimming