The Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 Crossover Event Is Coming & I Don't Think You Can Handle It

Grey's Anatomy 15x23 promo trailer, station 19 crossover
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The promo trailer for 'Grey's Anatomy' season 15 episode 23 reveals a lot about the 'Station 19' crossover.

The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Episode 23 Promo Trailer Teases The Next Crossover Event

The finale is just around the corner, Grey's Anatomy fans. Are you ready? Because we aren't. While the ABC hit is taking a weeklong hiatus, the network teased the Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 23 promo video at the end of the April 18 episode. And can we just say that it looks absolutely... explosive! Not only will fans get to watch another Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 crossover event, the trailer definitely throws a reference at our boy George O'Malley, who died in season six premiere. Let's just hope that whoever this new "John Doe" is doesn't meet the same fate.

Curious about the episode, titled "What I Did for Love?" Then watch the promo below. Trust us, it's not one you want to miss.

'What I Did for Love' Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for the crossover episode looks wild. There's a ton of different storylines going on and it's bound to get messy. What's more, is that the Station 19/Grey's Anatomy crossover episode will span two hours, which means you should probably stick around for Station 19 this week if you don't tune in already.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Is The George O'Malley Reference Too Soon?

As we mentioned before, the Grey's Anatomy trailer teases a John Doe storyline. However, much like what happens with George, John Doe... isn't a John Doe.

In the trailer, Glasses—I mean, Levi—brings in an unidentified patient who collapsed and passed out. When Bailey sees John Doe, her face says it all: she knows who it is.

"That's no John Doe," Bailey says. Yikes. Sounds just like George to us. Minus the bus crash, of course.

Regardless, we're getting some pretty heavy flashbacks to the end of season five, and we're not sure we can take it. So who is John Doe? Only time will tell. But you can probably rule out anyone who Levi knows.

Station 19 via ABC

The Station 19 Crossover Spices Things Up

The whole fam is here! Well, almost. In the trailer, ABC showed Andy, Ben, Sullivan, and Vic. And something tells us not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Could the John Doe be someone from the Station 19 camp? It's possible, especially since Bailey was the one to recognize them and everyone from Station 19 looked like they were about to break out in tears.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Will Meredith Grey Loose Her License?

What is Meredith up to? In the trailer, Webber calls Meredith out of surgery. And yes, he's angry.

"You could lose your license," Webber yells at Mer. Meanwhile, Meredith gives him that look, but then the trailer cuts to the next scene.

While it seems like Meredith's storyline might take a backseat in the episode—and possibly come back up later—Meredith doesn't have the best track record when it comes to doing things by the book, especially when it involves people she cares about. Remember Derek's Alzheimer's trial?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Jo Screws Up

Oh, Jo. The April 18 episode was not your best. Seriously, showing up to work drunk... as a surgeon? Nope.

Jo has been through the wringer for the past few episodes, but she shouldn't get a pass next time, especially after her talk with Jackson and Alex.

However, it looks like Jo does yet another thing in this new episode.

"I screwed up," Jo says in the trailer, teary-eyed and clearly panicked. All we can say at this point is... yikes.

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