What You Should Know From The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Episode 20 Promo Trailer

grey's anatomy season 15 episode 20 promo
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Who is returning?

Yup, The Next Episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Filled With Comebacks

After last week's emotional episode of Grey's Anatomy, it looks like fans will get a little bit of comedic relief, as Megan Hunt and Catherine Avery make their return to Grey Sloan Memorial. But, like most things that happen on Grey's, not everything goes as smoothly as the doctors had hoped. In the Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 20 trailer for "The Whole Package," it looks like Megan's arrival is a surprise to both Teddy and Owen. Plus, Catherine cancels... surgery? Wait, what? Can she even do that?

Regardless, we're going to dive into the promo trailer for the episode airing on Thursday, Apr. 4. Let's just hope that everyone makes it out okay in the end.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Episode 20 Promo Video

'The Whole Package' Trailer Breakdown

As promised, in the promotional video for next Thursday's episode of the ABC medical drama, viewers got a glimpse of Megan's return to Grey Sloan. And it looks like it's all smiles. Well, mostly all smiles.

"I did not tell Teddy and Owen that you were coming," Meredith said as Megan made her Season 15 debut. Wait, does this mean that Meredith told Megan to come? Why is Megan in Seattle? It looks like we're going to have to wait and see. However, from the looks of the trailer, Megan tracks down Teddy and Owen at Grey Sloan and is excited about the baby. But, her smile quickly fades away. Does she know that Teddy and Owen aren't together? Will she be upset? This trailer is leaving us with more questions than answers and to be honest, we're not too happy about it.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Next up, we have Catherine's first day back at Grey Sloan. But, does everything go as smoothly as planned? Probably not. Jackson is playing the part of the overprotective son, as the trailer fades through a clip of Jackson watching his mom perform surgery. However, in the next clip, Catherine is seen screaming at Megan, Owen, Jackson, and Meredith.

"Surgery is off," Catherine exclaimed.

Big yikes.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, we found out more about Jo's origins. While she was able to help her patient at the end of the episode, she was also unable to share what her mother told her... not even to Alex.

"Have you heard from Jo since she got back from visiting her birth mom?" Alex asked Link. When the new Ortho God asked what happened, Alex told him that Jo won't talk to him.

So, what happens next? Link, Jo's person, goes over, and it looks like Jo opens up in tears. And to be honest, after the events that happened last week, we are in tears, too.

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