Google Removes View Image Button - Here's How To Get It Back On Image Search


Google Removes View Image Button On Image Search

If you are a frequent Google user, you might have noticed some major changes. And we're not talking about the ever-changing graphics on the Google homepage. Yes, it looks like Google removed 'view image' from Image Search. So, why did Google remove the 'view image' button and how can you get 'view image' back on Google Image Search? We've got all the details! Here's everything you need to know about Google's removal of the view image button and how to fix it. Because how else can you properly send dank memes to your boyfriend without the Google 'view image' button? Who benefits from this change? Well, actually, more than you think! Read on to find out!

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Why Did Google Remove View Image?

Wondering why Google removed the 'view image' option? Well, the story dates back to 2016, when Getty filed antitrust charges against Google. However, the charges went away when Getty and Google announced their partnership earlier this year. According to The Verge, changes such as the removal of the 'view image' button were part of the agreement. So, what other changes can we expect? We'll see soon.

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Who Does The View Image Removal Benefit?

Wondering who benefits from this huge Google image search change? More than you know. It's not just Getty. Image piracy is huge on the internet, and the 'view image' button made it easier for users to go directly to the image without even seeing who owns the image and thus promoting image piracy to occur. So, in short, this benefits creators of images as well as the websites those images belong to, seeing as you now have to 'visit' the website to view the image.

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How To Get View Image Back On Google Image Search?

If you really want to get the 'view image' button back on Google Image Search, people have already made alternate extensions to bring back what was taken away. Here's how to get 'view image' back on Google Image Search:

How to view ONLY images in Google Image Search: - Right-click on the image preview and click "open image in new tab."

Google View Image Browser Extension: - Make Google Image Search Great Again

You can also choose to use other search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo.