15 German Shepherd Instagram Captions

german shepherd instagram captions
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For anyone who loves coming home to their German Shepherd!

The Best German Shepherd Instagram Captions

Time and time again, dogs have proven to be too good for us.

Have a German Shepherd? Then you know this to be true! From their energetic hugs when you get home after a long day of work to their warm cuddles when you need it the most, a German Shepherd is the perfect companion to any family.

Ready to share the love on social media? Then it's about time you scrolled through these German Shepherd Instagram captions that are perfect for anyone who owns one of these fantastic pups!

Good German Shepherd Captions for Instagram

  • Life is better with a German Shepherd.

  • Happiness is my German Shepherd.

  • Yeah, my kids bark.

  • Some people will never know how much I love my German Shepherd, but that's okay. My dog knows.

  • A house is not a home without a German Shepherd.

Funny Captions for German Shepherd Pictures on Insta

  • If my German Shepherd doesn't like you, neither will I.

  • German Shepherds don't shed. They emit magical fibers of job and love!

  • Why can't I make it to work today? Because my German Shepherd needs me!

  • Everyone has a guardian angel. The lucky ones have German Shepherd.

  • Sorry, I can't. I have plans with my German Shepherd.

Clever Instagram Captions for Selfies With Your German Shepherd

  • It's a German Shepherd thing.

  • There's no love like German Shepherd love.

  • Ears up, system armed.

  • My Patronus is a German Shepherd.

  • Warning: My house is protected by the ultimate in German engineering.