10 Beautiful Photos Of Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Through The Years


Wonder what Meredith Grey was like back in the day?

10 Beautiful Photos Of Grey's Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Through The Years

Grey's Anatomy has been around for over a decade, and it's no secret that the lead actress, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), is a complete treasure! It's as if fans watched Ellen age so gracefully since the start of Grey's Anatomy. But what did she look like when she was younger, prior Grey's Anatomy, compared to now? Well, here are some beautiful pictures of Ellen Pompeo, from when she was young until now, to feed your curiosity!

1. Ellen Pompeo Highschool Senior Year Yearbook Photo (1987)


2. Ellen Pompeo In "Moonlight Mile" With Jake Gyllenhaal (2002)


3. Ellen Pompeo In "Catch Me If You Can" With Leonardo DiCaprio (2002)


4. Ellen Pompeo In "Old School" With Vince Vaughn And Will Farrell (2003)


5. Ellen Pompeo In "Friends" As Ross And Chandler's College Crush, Missy Goldberg (2004)


6. Ellen Pompeo As Meredith Grey In "Grey's Anatomy" Season 1 (2005)


7. Ellen Pompeo And Patrick Dempsey For Entertainment Weekly (2005)


8. Ellen Pompeo In Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video (2014)


9. Ellen Pompeo Featured In Entertainment Tonight (2015)


10. Ellen Pompeo In The Official "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 Poster (2017)


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