Riverdale Spoilers: Who Dies In The Musical Episode?


Riverdale Spoilers: Who Dies In The Musical Episode?

Spoiler Alert! This post is filled with spoilers for Riverdale season 2 episode 18, 'A Night to Remember.' Continue reading at your own risk!

Riverdale is putting on a show tonight with its very own musical episode. Is it everything we wanted it to be? We aren't so sure. The reviews are in and it looks like we've got another fantastic episode ahead of us as Archie (KJ Apa), Veronica (Camila Mendes), Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), and Betty (Lili Reinhart), along with Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway), Midge (Emilija Baranac), and Moose (Cody Kearsley), take part in Riverdale's rendition of Carrie: The Musical. And we know there will be blood.

Riverdale fans got a sneak peek of at this year's Paleyfest and if there's one thing you can count on, it's that Riverdale fans can't keep a secret. Twitter has been buzzing with the possibility of the Black Hood's return, which was confirmed by executive producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. But, another rumor about a certain someone's death has us chilled to our core and terrified for everyone involved in the musical. But, who is it? Who will die in the Riverdale musical episode? Stay tuned. This one's going to be messy.

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Who Dies In The Musical Episode? An Investigation.

Last chance to escape without reading potential major spoilers for the episode!

It feels like someone new is dying in every episode of Riverdale. But, it definitely feels like this one is for good. So, who dies in the musical episode? Is Jughead going to die for not singing in the musical? Or perhaps even Queen Cheryl? After some light digging, it looks like we have some bad news for Midge fans out there. According to the Twitterverse, Midge will die in the Riverdale musical episode.

But, how can we be sure that Midge is dead and not just some rumors circulating around Twitter?

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Is Midge Really Dead On Riverdale?

In case you weren't sure about the validity of these Riverdale fans on Twitter, here's what Ken, who previously revealed spoilers on the Betty and Archie kiss weeks before the episode aired, had to say about what happens in Carrie: The Musical, Riverdale edition.

While this is still speculation and unconfirmed until we see the episode, we're still pretty damn terrified for Midge. But, if the rumors are true, who kills Midge on Riverdale?

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Who Killed Midge On Riverdale?

If Midge is really dead in the same episode that the Black Hood returns, we believe that the Black Hood probably killed Midge, too. Or perhaps it was a freak accident. Who knows. You will tonight. Right?

So, the real question is, who is the Black Hood in Riverdale? Is Ethel (Shannon Purser the Black Hood? Wouldn't it be crazy is Barb killed Midge? Or perhaps the Black Hood is Kevin (Casey Cott)? Or even Chuck? All of which are involved in the musical.

Since the writers now know who the Black Hood is and we only have a few episodes to go in season 2, we need to start looking for clues! Who knows? Maybe Midge is actually the Black Hood and is faking her own death.

Until then, enjoy the show and prepare yourselves for the musical and 5 weeks of new Riverdale episodes!

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