Does Coconut Oil Shorten Your Period? The Secrets You Should Know

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Wondering how to stop or shorten your period? Could coconut oil be the secret to your long period?

Does Coconut Oil Shorten Your Period? 

On the internet, it seems like you can use coconut oil for just about anything. Whether it's protecting your skin, hair, and teeth, or simply eating coconut oil to jumpstart your weight loss goals, this "superfood" seemingly has a lot of benefits for your overall health. And now, women everywhere are wondering: Does coconut oil shorten your period?

While this idea seems like it'd be a great quick fix to your monthly visitor or a godsend to those of you who get heavy periods, remember not to believe everything you read at face value. Here's what you need to know about what eating coconut oil does to your menstrual cycle.

What Coconut Oil Does to Your Period


We all hate the time of the month. We might be filled with instant relief that we're not miraculously pregnant, but we also dread the cramps, the period poops, and heavy bleeding. 

While we can help this by taking birth control to regulate our hormones, others try to use natural remedies to shorten or lessen the flow of their period. But, does eating coconut oil shorten your period? And if so, how effective is it?  


Can You Stop Your Period With Coconut Oil?     

There are a number of websites that claim that taking a few tablespoons of coconut oil will stop or shorten your period. They claim that coconut oil contains the fatty acids and antioxidants that help regulate a woman's menstrual cycle and reduce the flow. However, there is no scientific evidence that coconut oil will stop or lessen your period.   

"As a stand-alone treatment, coconut oil is unlikely to have any noticeably positive or negative effects on the menstrual cycle," said Lara Briden, naturopathic doctor and author of Period Repair Manual.  

So, if you think you can stop or shorten your period with coconut oil by itself, you might want to think about other options or simply let your period pass naturally.


Is It Safe to Eat Coconut Oil to Lighten Your Period?

Although it appears that coconut oil is unlikely to affect your period – or at least how you might want it to – Dr. Briden let us know that eating coconut oil in your food could be beneficial to your menstrual cramps.

"As part of a total diet, a healthy cooking oil like coconut oil has the beneficial effect of displacing the processed vegetable oils that can contribute to period pain," Briden said.

And let's be real, anything to do with alieving cramps is something worth trying.