3 Perfect Date Ideas for Introverts on Valentine's Day

valentine's day date ideas for introverts
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Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Introverts

Valentine's Day is coming in fast! While grand romantic gestures in front of a big crowd might be the perfect V-day date idea for some people. For others, all those extra people intruding on something so wonderful can be a nightmare.

If you're dating an introvert and you know they want something a little lowkey, but just as grand and romantic as any, then make sure to check out these Valentine's Day dates for introverts. And yes, they are based on the preferences of an introvert.

So if you're ready to set your romantic evening off right – just without all those extra people – then we've got you covered. Here are the best V-Day date ideas that introverts will love.

Have a Couples Game Night

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While you can do a double date couples game night with your closest friends, we also suggest doing a couples game night with just the two of you. We personally love Nintendo Switch couple games, such as Overcooked, Stardew Valley (multiplayer), and even Super Mario Party. Though, with that last one, you might want to watch out because it'll probably ruin your relationship when you finish.

Go Hiking Together

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If you don't live near the Polar Vortex, then you can always go on a hike outdoors or someplace where you can escape the rest of the world like a museum or an indoor aquarium. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two.

Have Your Own Wine & Canvas Night

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It's time to get crafty! You just need two blank canvases, art supplies, and YouTube (or maybe even Twitch). Oh, and don't forget the wine. But rather than going to a studio, you can relax with your partner at home and follow a Bob Ross tutorial at your own speed. You'll have fun together – even if you're not an artist. And while you can splurge on Bob Ross' paint set online, you can probably find a few supplies at a store near you. Just remember to get oil paints!

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