Can You Watch Scary Movies While Pregnant?

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Can pregnant women watch scary movies? Here's the truth.

Can Pregnant Women Watch Scary Movies?

There's nothing worse than being told you aren't allowed to do something. Especially when you're pregnant. So, you just had your significant other tell you that you can't dive into a good 'ole horror film. Naturally, you turn to Google and check out a question that thousands of other mothers-to-be just like you asked: Can you watch scary movies while pregnant?

Today, we get to the bottom of this question to see if it's safe or bad to watch horror movies during your pregnancy. Because this one definitely sounds like one of those weird superstitions that your mom told you as a kid. And while you don't want to cause any harm to your baby, you might also be itching to watch The Walking Dead reruns during your pregnancy. So, here's everything that we know. But if you are truly concerned, please reach out to your doctor.

Fact or Myth? Watching Horror Films While Pregnant

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Is it the truth? Or simply an old wives' tale? A lot of pregnancy myths and superstitions stem from a lack of understanding back in the day. But, now that we have better technology and a better grasp on what actually affects pregnancy, is there proof that you can't watch horror flicks when you're pregnant?

Generally speaking? No.

It's likely that the myth came from the possible stress and tension that may arise when experiencing something frightening over a prolonged period of time. But, if you love a good scary movie or show, then you should be able to enjoy it. You should continue to do things that make you happy.

However, if you know that you don't like scary movies, you should know that pregnancy typically makes you more sensitive to emotions and changes in your mood. Thus, you may be more affected by horror at this time than you normally would. And that in itself might be best for you and your own happiness.

The Bottom Line

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How does watching something scary affect your baby? Well, it should make little to no difference to your pregnancy if you enjoy the genre. There is no scientific proof that watching something that is scary will affect your baby during pregnancy. You won't experience birth defects as a direct cause of watching horror films, as those are linked with genetics and exposure to things like cigarettes, chemicals, and diseases.

If you truly believe you can watch a thriller without being utterly terrified, we've got you covered. We rounded up the best scary movies to watch while pregnant here.

Things to Keep in Mind


In general, it should be fine to watch scary movies during pregnancy if you like them. But, you should know that by week 24 of pregnancy, your baby's outer, middle, and inner ears will be fully developed. So, that means they can hear and respond to noises going on around them. So, if you're hearing loud screams and noises while watching your film, then the baby may wriggle around and cause some discomfort.

If you have any further questions or are concerned regarding this topic, we highly recommend speaking to your doctor, as each case depends on you and your body.