9 Best Pregnancy Podcasts | 2018

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Check out these fantastic pregnancy podcasts of 2018 to get you through each trimester.

The Best Pregnancy Podcasts of 2018

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Being pregnant can be a scary time for everyone involved. And if there's one thing I've learned from, you know, existing, it's that things that make you feel like you're less alone will make the scary times feel less scary. You can choose to listen to your best friend talk about their experience or dive into some good pregnancy books with your significant other. Whatever it is, we know it's important to find your thing. That's why listening to pregnancy podcasts are great for expecting parents. It combines the funny pregnancy tips of your BFF with facts and other facts or information you might need from experts or people that just get it.  

Whether you're a first-time mom or you just want to find a story out there that resonates with you every week of your journey, it's time to put on your listening hats. Here are the best pregnancy podcasts in 2018.

The Birthful Podcast


The Birthful Podcast gets right down to it when it comes to pregnancy and life after you give birth. Led by birth doula, postpartum educator, and mother Adriana Lozada, this podcast on pregnancy gives expecting mothers tips and information that they might not even have known they needed. Lozada also interviews pregnancy and parenthood experts for even more insight.

The Birth Hour


Want a little less education and a lot more inspirational birth stories from every type of woman? The Birth Hour is your podcast! Spanning to almost 300 episodes as of this writeup, this beautifully relatable podcast has us crying and laughing from start to finish.

Doing It At Home: Our Home Birth Podcast


Curious about hospital alternatives? Or perhaps you're already down the home birth rabbit hole? It's time to check out Doing It At Home: Our Home Birth Podcast. Sarah and Matthew Bivens share home birth tips from every angle as well as home birth stories from other women that are honestly empowering.

Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting, & Politics


Created by columnist and author, Jeanne Faulkner manages to reel in listeners with her funny yet legitimate advice she and her expert guests have to share in Common Sense Pregnancy. Nonjudgemental and science-based, this podcast is great if you're looking for something that covers it all.   

Pregnancy Podcast


With over 200 episodes, Vanessa Merten's Pregnancy Podcast provides expecting mothers (and their partners) advice on everything when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood. Merten's calm approach (and soothing voice) are perfect for when you need the perfect handbook for all things baby.

Plus Mommy Podcast


Jen McLellan is an absolute delight in Plus Mommy Podcast, a podcast that explores everything involving plus-size pregnancy, motherhood, and loving your body. While Plus Mommy only has 15 episodes as of this writeup, McLellan has managed to discuss a variety of topics that aren't discussed openly very often. Her take is refreshing, yet knowledgeable.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast


Are you a savvy businesswoman boss with a baby on the way? The Startup Pregnant Podcast should definitely be on your list. Entrepreneur, startup advisor, and parent, Sarah K. Peck, explores pregnancy and motherhood while growing a business. And yes, it's as inspiring as it seems.

Preggie Pals: Your Pregnancy, Your Way


Put on by Pregnancy Magazine, Preggie Pals: Your Pregnancy, Your Way aims to educate while entertaining their listeners. The podcast puts on a panel of pregnant women as well as moms and experts to share their thoughts and diverse expertise on things that you've probably been wondering. From exercises you can do while pregnant to dealing with a miscarriage or stillbirth, Preggie Pals isn't afraid to dive in.

Good Pregnancy Eats


My mother likes to remind me that food was the only thing she worried about during her pregnancy with me. What to eat. What not to eat. While there are tons of myths regarding the topic, there are a few pregnancy nutrition podcasts that have legitimate advice. Good Pregnancy Eats manages to share tons of helpful nutrition tips and recipes that are perfect for mothers-to-be who are on the go.