19 Jokes Only “Grey’s Anatomy” Fans Will Get


Because Grey's isn't ONLY about the sad times!

19 Jokes Only “Grey’s Anatomy” Fans Will Get

The Grey's Anatomy community has grown so much since 2005. Whether you're a casual fan or you've rewatched the Grey's millions of times, here are 19 jokes that only Grey's Anatomy fans will understand!

1. When All Of Your Favorites Are Dead

2. When You Realize That McDreamy Got His Nickname For A Reason

3. When Bailey Actually Loved All Her Interns

4. When You Think You Can Actually Be A Doctor IRL

5. When Everyone Knows Richard As Chief And Is Still A Player

6. When You Know Who The Real MVP Of The Show Is

7. When You Remember How Ridiculous The Musical Was

8. (Now 13th) But When You Realize How Many Characters Have Died

9. When Cristina Yang Was Attached To Her Left Shoe

10. When You Realize That Shonda Rhimes Is A Life Ruiner. She Ruins People's Lives.

11. "I'm fine."

12. When Literally NOTHING Could Surprise You Now (JK. Shonda Still Could)

13. When This Is What Grey's Has Become

14. When You Still Can't Listen To The Fray

15. This Awful Ship

16. When You Can't Help But Binge The Series

17. And You Don't Exactly Know When To Stop

18. When A Romantic Gift Is A Kidney In A Jar

19. THIS.

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