10 Things That Would Happen If Derek Shepherd Returned To Grey’s Anatomy


Here's everything that would happen if Derek Shepherd came back to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14!

Derek Shepherd has been gone since Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy and we've missed his presence ever since. And to be honest, we don't think we'll ever get over his death. We'd probably go as far as starting a petition to bring Derek Shepherd back to Grey's. So today, we're going to explore what would happen if Derek Shepherd returned to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

1. Everyone Would Be Shocked

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Can you imagine if Derek just came out of nowhere and was like, "Surprise everyone! I'm alive!" From the characters to the audience, everyone would be shocked. Could you imagine the drama? It would be so good. Someone write up a way this could work and send it to Shonda!

2. Meredith And Riggs Would NOT Be A Thing


As much as we love that Mer is happy, we're so not here for Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs. Their relationship seems so stale and boring, especially when you compare it to MerDer. C'mon, Shonda!

3. And We Would Finally Have A Love Story We Want to Root For

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Like we mentioned before, we're not a huge fan of Riggs. But, we're also not a huge fan of any couple on Grey's right now. Sure, there's Japril (kind of), but do you really want any couple on Grey's to get together right now? The answer is no.

4. Or Perhaps Meredith Would Really Move On From Derek


While we aren't huge supporters of this, it would still be interesting to see Meredith really move on from Derek once he's back. Perhaps she would be so angry with him for leaving that she would be able to move on and become even more badass on her own.

5. Or Maybe We'd See A Different Love Triangle With Mer In The Middle

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It's been a while since Meredith was the apple of everyone's eye. Finn Dandridge in Season 2, anyone? We'd much rather see this happen than a love triangle with Mer and the other woman fighting over a mediocre man.

6. We Would Have Interesting Neuro Cases Again


We definitely miss the crazy Neuro cases that Derek miraculously pulled off. Sure, Amelia is super kickass, but we miss Derek's overly intense passion for his craft and the places it took him when he was still around.

7. Something Good Would Finally Happen To Amelia

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Speaking of Amelia, she needs a win. From the baby drama with Owen to losing her resident, Stephanie Edwards, in Season 13, Amelia definitely needs something good in her life to keep her going. Sure, we like her relationship with Meredith and Maggie. But, it's definitely not the same as Derek.

8. Derek Would Be A Cool Mentor To Someone

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After Heather Brooks died on Grey's, no one was able to continue Derek's craft. That means that no one was really able to take on Derek's Neuro God genius and the world just misses out on all that knowledge.

9. We Would See More Of The Shepherd Kids


Where have the Shepherd children been? No, seriously. Where? We know Meredith is crazy busy, but wouldn't Derek's death have caused Meredith to have significantly more time with her kids? Maybe that storyline would just be too boring. Regardless, we just want to see more from the adorable Shepherd kids.

10. Grey's Would Feel Like Old Times Again

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Okay, so maybe Grey's will only really feel like old times when Cristina returns. (And Lexie. And Mark. And Callie.) But, they were all part of something that made the series great in the first place, especially Derek.

BONUS: Eye Candy


Need I say more?

What would YOU want to see if Derek Shepherd came back to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14?!

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