10 Of Grey's Anatomy's Scariest Moments


Because Grey's can get super dark and twisty!

SPOILER ALERT!! For anyone who has not seen Season 13! If you do not wish to be spoiled, don't read the last two!

Grey's Anatomy is one of those shows that isn't afraid to be afraid. In fact, it can get downright terrifying, especially when it involves your favorite character! So, here are our 10 of Grey's Anatomy's scariest moments!

1. When Cristina Told Owen About What Happened AFTER The Plane Crash

Almost everything about this scene is creepy. From Cristina's body posture to the soft yet terrifying words coming out of her mouth. Although we don't get to see it, Cristina's story on her experience in the woods, drinking her own pee, watching Mark "die" over and over again, and the wolves fighting over Lexie's dead body, still haunts us to this day.

2. And The Plane Crash Episode Itself


But let's not forget how terrifying that plane crash episode was. Although we didn't see that aftermath (and we're pretty glad we didn't), what we did see was absolutely terrifying. We watched our favorites suffer. And when it seemed like Lexie and Mark were finally getting their shit together, Lexie died.

3. When There Was A Bomb In The Hospital

This was probably one of the first episodes that made us fear for Meredith's life. What's worse, is that once she got out, the bomb squad guy just blew up in her face. It made us realize how fragile our heroine's life was and gave us a shock that would last to this day. No one is safe in Shondaland.

4. The Shooting Episode

As shown in the clip, which basically has every terrifying moment in the episode, this major tragedy got everyone's heart pumping. A seemingly normal episode turned into one Grey's episode that fans will never be able to forget.

5. When Owen Choked Cristina


Another moment that is hard to shake. We learned that Owen had PTSD and the couple eventually worked through it. But, this one just came out of nowhere. We sobbed with relief when she got out, but we are left terrified and a little wary of Owen.

6. When Meredith Was Beat Up By A Patient


Our poor Twisted Sisters never deserved any of this. And when Meredith got beat up by a patient behind closed curtains, we froze in fear and shock. We screamed at our televisions when it all caught up to us, especially when no one came in to stop it from happening. Throughout all that Meredith has been through, this was the most devastating.

7. Meredith Afterlife/Limbo

It was scary enough that Meredith almost drowned. But, Meredith's limbo, filled with Denny, her mother, the bomb squad guy, and other dead characters, this moment was downright horrifying. From the eerie way this scene was filmed to the very fact that Meredith was between life and death, we still get chills when we think about it!

8. When George Died

We just got our brains wrapped around the new that Izzie had cancer, so we definitely weren't ready for this one! It took our breaths away when we realized John Doe was George. Out of all of them, he was the best. Just ask Bailey. This shocking and devastating moment still gives us a fright when we rewatch!

9. When Alex Was Going To Turn Himself In

So, this one isn't exactly a fear that one of our favorite doctor's is about to die. BUT, it's basically the same fear, since Karev would go to jail and we probably wouldn't see him again. Our hearts just couldn't handle that hit, considering he and Mer are the two left standing! It hurts to think about.

10. When Stephanie Was Taken Hostage By A Patient

This moment was another one that came out of nowhere. Yes, we knew that the patient was dangerous, but we didn't know he had a freaking scalpel. We were on the edge of our seats, watching Edwards being taken captive. But, even if she pulled a total badass move and lit the rapist on fire to save herself and a young girl, Edwards was caught in an explosion, leaving us wondering if she made it out alive.

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