This Grey's Anatomy Quiz Get's Harder As You Go. How Far Can You Get?

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Will anyone score 100%??

This fan-written Grey's Anatomy quiz gets progressively more difficult as you play. Only diehard fans will be able to score 100%, can you?

 Aug 31, 2020

1 of 25Pick your answer!

How did Meredith find out about Mrs. McDreamy?
Bailey told her
She read a text message
She just showed up

2 of 25Pick your answer!

Who was the first Grey to die?

3 of 25Pick your answer!

Which of these was NOT one of Alex Karev's nicknames?
Evil Spawn
Dr. Hottie

4 of 25Pick your answer!

Who did Meredith name her son after?
Richard Webber
Miranda Bailey
George O’Malley

5 of 25Pick your answer!

Who did Teddy marry?

6 of 25Pick your answer!

Alex almost went to jail for beating up ______.
Andrew DeLuca
Jason Myers
George O'Malley

7 of 25Pick your answer!

How did George die?
He got hit by a train
He had a heart attack
He got hit by a bus saving a girl

8 of 25Pick your answer!

Who helped Bailey through labor with Tuck?

9 of 25Pick your answer!

Who was the person Arizona cheated on Callie with?

10 of 25Pick your answer!

Who has Meredith not kissed?

11 of 25Pick your answer!

What are the last words Lexie ever says to Mark?
"Meant to be."
"I love you all the time."
"Don’t leave me."

12 of 25Pick your answer!

What extra curricular activity did Alex Karev participate in while in college

13 of 25Pick your answer!

What was the first thing Meredith printed on the 3D printer?

14 of 25Pick your answer!

What shape is the freckle on George's hand that Callie teased him about?

15 of 25Pick your answer!

How many pigs did Owen have Cristina operate on?

16 of 25Pick your answer!

How long is the intern's first shift?
24 hours
36 hours
48 hours

17 of 25Pick your answer!

What kind of man does Arizona Robbins describe herself as, whilst speaking to Torres’ father?
“A ruthless man at my job”
“A calm man in a crisis”
“A good man in a storm”

18 of 25Pick your answer!

What did April diagnose Rabbi Eli with?
Seborrheic Eczema
Von Hippel-Lindau
Epidermal Necrolysis

19 of 25Pick your answer!

What type of transplant did Meredith complete to win her first Harper Avery (Catherine Fox) award?
Stomach Lining
Abdominal Wall
Heart Wall

20 of 25Pick your answer!

The doctor who helped Meredith and Nathan on the airplane episode had which medical specialty?

21 of 25Pick your answer!

What is Richard’s response when Catherine asks him to marry her?
“What took you so long?”
“Well it’s about damn time.”
“Well, took you long enough”

22 of 25Pick your asnwer!

What color dress did Cristina wear on her and Preston's first date?

23 of 25Pick your answer!

When Meredith died and came back to life, who were the people she saw?
Cristina, her parents, and Webber
Derek, Addison, George, Doc, and Zola
Dylan, Ellis' scrub nurse, her mom, Denny, Doc, and Bonnie

24 of 25Pick your answer!

What was the name of the organization that tried taking over the hospital after the plane crash victims settlement?

25 of 25Pick your answer!

What was Meredith's passcode to hear the last voicemail that Derek left before he died?
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