Protestors Clash Outside of Undecided Senators Office [Breaking]

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A battle between protestors.

Protestors Clash Outside Swing Vote Senators Ahead of Kavanaugh Vote

Two Senators have the fate of Brett Kavanaugh in their hands today. While waiting for Kavanaugh's confirmation, protests broke out along Washington, D.C. With so many allegations against the Supreme Court Justice nominee, the country has been torn, yet again.

All the Information You Need To Know

  • Two groups of protestors clashed outside the offices of two senators who have voted to affirm Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court. Republican Senator, Susan Collins (Maine) and Democrat, Joe Manchin (West Virginia) were being urged to vote against allowing Kavanaugh in to the Supreme Court. The protestors were unsuccessful since both Senators plan to vote YES on Kavanaugh.

  • According to CNN, police officers are investigating a female protestors assaulting a man.

  • The two groups who protested: Kavanaugh supports and female protestors. Women from both sides got in each others faces and shouted at one another.

  • Police urged protestors to leave as they cleared the Dirksen building, where Senator Collins office is located.

Protesting Nation

  • These were not the first protests of the week, protestors have been marching and chanting, "believe women" throughout the week.

  • Comedian, Amy Schumer and actress, Emily Ratajkowski were arrested earlier this morning while peacefully protesting. 300 people were arrested for various protests on Capitol Hill.

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