Stomach Bloating is Natural; Nutritionist Explains How To Improve Digestion

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Your tummy will thank you!

Stomach bloating is something so many of us experience on a daily basis. Stigmas and false narratives have given many people the perception that bloating is bad and abnormal when this actually isn't the case at all. In her recent YouTube Video, nutritionist and wellness specialist, Healthy Emmie, talks about how bloating is completely natural. We got the chance to speak with her more in-depth about the difference between normal and abnormal bloating, why bloating occurs, and what we can do to avoid it.

1. Can you explain the difference between normal bloating vs abnormal bloating? What do those terms mean?

The stomach is an elastic organ. Is it meant to stretch and shrink. After eating, our stomach will be slightly distended, but painless. This is normal. Abnormal bloating, on the other hand, is painful and super distended.

2. What foods to avoid for bloating/indigestion?

I promote a whole-food, plant-based diet. More important than what you eat, however, is how you eat it. Chewing your food slowly, to the consistency of applesauce, prevents bloating.

3. Any other general tips on how to improve digestion?

Take your time with meals. In other parts of the world, meals take hours to eat. In the US, 25% of consumers eat breakfast in under 5 minutes. This lack of chewing and speed-eating causes major bloating because as you eat faster, you swallow air that can get trapped in your stomach. In addition, when you chew, digestive enzymes in your saliva mix with the food and make it easier for your stomach to digest. If you're not chewing your food thoroughly and taking your time, it will make the job of digesting you food much more difficult on your stomach. Also, don't go a long time without eating and then eat a ton of food at once - you will bloat! To make it easier for your stomach to stay on top of digestion, eat smaller meals more frequently.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your digestion, be sure to check out more of Healthy Emmie's content. She also offers a plant-based nutrition program that gives you one-on-one coaching, meal plans, and other helpful advice to help you reach your wellness goals.

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