We Compiled Some Of The Hardest Fan-Written Grey's Trivia. Can You Pass?

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We compiled some of the hardest Grey's Anatomy trivia questions we've received from hardcore Grey's fans themselves. How high can you score?

 Oct 26, 2020

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Cristina admitted to ______ that she missed Burke after he had left her.

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What did Meredith Grey earn her first Harper Avery award for?
3D printed portal veins
Abdominal wall transplant
Mini livers

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Why did Richard destroy a bar with a baseball bat?
The guy there slept with Adele
They were trading AA chips for shots
He was drunk

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How did Jackson and Vic meet?
At the hospital when Vic's husband died
At the next camp site on his trip with Maggie
In the woods helping two injured people

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What did Derek hit the engagement ring into the woods with?
Baseball bat
Golf club
Tennis racket

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What was the reason Mer was hospitalized when she was talking to Addison on pain killers?
Liver donation

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What big event made Jackson believe in God?
Saving his first patient
April’s hypothermia
April being such a strong believer

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What was Ellis Grey's position when she first won her Harper Avery award?
Chief of General Surgery

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Who has a freak out moment during the boards in season 8?

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Which of the following did not eat a pot cookie from Arizona’s patients?

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Which of these men has Meredith not kissed at all?

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Whose name does Alex Karev call Lexie Grey after he gets shot?

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What song lyric did Bailey and Ben hum separately on the elevator?
What is love
Because I'm happy
Mhm Baby mmhm

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How long was Mark placed on life support?
22 days
30 days
60 days

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How much money did Jackson inherit after his gradfather passed away?
250 million dollars
75 million dollars
4.5 million dollars

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Who said Cristina Yang was like a Single Malt Scotch?

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What was Amelia's first son's name?
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