Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Grey's Anatomy Plane Crash Episode?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

A heart-wrenching episode to say the least.

How much do you remember about the iconic Season 8 Greys Anatomy finale episode title "Flight", where the doctors are involved in a plane crash?

 Oct 01, 2020

1 of 18Pick your answer!

The doctors were on their way to _____ to help with a difficult medical case.
New York City

2 of 18Pick your answer!

What was the name of the pilot of the plane?

3 of 18Pick your answer!

Cristina lost her _____.
scrub cap
cell phone

4 of 18Pick your answer!

Who was sitting in the back of the plane?

5 of 18Pick your answer!

Arizona reveals her _____ is sticking out of her body.

6 of 18Pick your answer!

Who popped Cristina's shoulder back in place?

7 of 18Pick your answer!

How does Derek manage to free his trapped hand?
With oil
With a crowbar
With a stone

8 of 18Pick your answer!

Meanwhile in Seattle, the hospital is expecting incoming trauma patients from what accident?
A ferry crashed into the shore
A train went off the tracks and crashed
A building collapsed on a group of firefighter recruits

9 of 18Pick your answer!

What treatment did Jerry the pilot require?
C-spine stabilization
Leg splint

10 of 18Pick your answer!

Lexie's last words to Mark were:
"Meant to be."
"You're my person."
"You can do this."

11 of 18Pick your answer!

Why does Teddy say she is refusing the job at MEDCOM?
She doesn't want to move
Out of loyalty to Owen
It doesn't pay enough

12 of 18Pick your answer!

Meredith is forced to close Derek's wound with a _____.
bobby pin
safety pin

13 of 18Pick your answer!

What was Richard going to preorder for the intern dinner?

14 of 18Pick your answer!

Why does Cristina get mad at Mark?
She needed help patching Arizona's wounds
She was mad that he had no reaction to Lexie's death
She needed help building a fire

15 of 18Pick your answer!

The only bit of food that Meredith has and shares with Cristina is...
A stick of gum
A bag of pretzels
An apple

16 of 18Pick your answer!

Jackson tells April he accepted a job at _____.
Johns Hopkins

17 of 18Pick your answer!

Who ended up paralyzed after the plane crash?

18 of 18Pick your answer!

The plane crash episode is the finale of which season?
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