Quiz: How Well Do You Remember All These Hilarious Grey's Anatomy Moments?

greys anatomy, Cristina Yang, eyebrows
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We could all use some comic relief!

How well do you remember these hilarious Grey's Anatomy moments, scenes and quotes? Only huge fans can score 100!

 Oct 07, 2020

1 of 17Whose underwear were pinned to the bulletin board?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

2 of 17Who is Cristina talking about in this moment?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Her mother

3 of 17What causes Alex to scream like this?

greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
A bear
His mother
A plane crash

4 of 17Who provided the weed cookies that the staff accidentally got high from?

greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Izzie's college friend
Arizona's patient

5 of 17Who shaved off Cristina's eyebrows?

greys anatomy, Cristina Yang, eyebrows
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina, on accident
Mama Burke

6 of 17How did Addison get poison oak in her private area?

greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She went pee outside while throwing a stick for Doc
She slept with Mark who had it on his private area
She slipped and fell in the woods

7 of 17Who are Cristina and Meredith running away from in this picture?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina's mother

8 of 17Arizona and April get drunk in a supply closet at which event?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Fundraising Gala
Halloween Parade
Christmas Party

9 of 17Who gets hit in the boob during baseball?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

10 of 17Callie is venting to Bailey about who during this moment?

Grey's Anatom via ABC
Teddy and Owen
Derek and Addison
Cristina and Burke

11 of 17Who took care of Bailey after she got drunk at Joe's Bar?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

12 of 17Callie and Meredith get drunk and make up a song about ______.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

13 of 17Meredith is on drugs for her appendectomy when she says which iconic line?

greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
"So all of a sudden I'm the president of people with crappy lives?"
"All my boyfriends are here!"
"Not everybody has to be happy all the time."

14 of 17In this episode, Cristina and George go to ____'s Thanksgiving dinner.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

15 of 17What does Meredith drop during surgery?

greys anatomy, 5 second rule
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
A kidney
A heart
A scalpel

16 of 17Bailey gives Callie dating advice about Erica using ______ metaphors.

greys anatomy, miranda bailey
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

17 of 17Who was NOT present during the iconic awkward elevator ride?

greys anatomy, elevator scene
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
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