Quiz: Can You Ace These Trivia Questions Written By Fellow Grey's Fans?

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Are you up for the challenge?

We've compiled trivia questions from real Grey's Anatomy fans to bring you the most difficult and authentic Grey's quiz!

 Nov 24, 2020

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Where were the doctors travelling before the plane crash?

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Who does Dr. Charles Percy admit to having a crush on?
Dr. Reed
Dr. Stevens
Dr. Kepner

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Where did April get her second wedding dress from?
Garage sale
Thrift shop
Bridal shop

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What is Dereks moms name?

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Who did Izzie tell she had cancer first?

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Out of these women, who dated Callie first?

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What did Cristina do while the other doctors were trying to save Meredith after she drowned?
Went to the bar
Went shopping at a dollar store
Stayed at the hospital

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What did Burke’s mother take from Cristina?
Her necklace
Her eyebrows

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Ellis told Meredith that the _____ never stops turning.

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What was song is sung by the patient, JJ, in season 11?
How To Save A Life
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Jingle Bells

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What did April and Jackson’s first baby die of?
Heart failure
Bone cancer

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Who has Mark not slept with?

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Why did Leah Murphey first leave the show in season 10?
She died
She was cut from the residency program
She left the country

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Who did George cheat on Callie with?

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Who got shot during the Thanksgiving turkey hunt?
George’s Dad

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What was the name of the mother Derek helped from the car accident right before his death?

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Who was Miranda Bailey's favorite intern?
Izzie Stevens
Meredith Grey
George O'Malley

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What is Jo Wilson's real name?
Brooke Stadler
Jo Stadler
Mary Brooke
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