Quiz: Do You Recall All Of These Random Grey's Anatomy Details? Let's See!

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Only real fans will remember...

How many of these random details from the show Grey's Anatomy do you remember? These questions were submitted by Grey's fans themselves!

 Aug 31, 2020

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In season 5, episode 1, Meredith dreams that Derek dies. Whose lips do we read calling Derek’s “time of death” in her dream?

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Where did Meredith spread her mother's ashes?
The scrub sink in OR 2
Into a river from a ferry boat
On the grass outside Seattle Grace

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What did Meredith call when she fought with Derek about Richard drinking?
Please don't tell Mark!
Post it!
You're a jerk!

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What did Derek draw on the bedroom wall?
A proposal
A tumor
A heart

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What did Webber call him and Ben Warren?
The Youngin's
The Old Dogs
The Plastics Posse

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Who missed the first part of their boards?

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What did Mark say him and Jackson were called?
The Plastics Posse
The Old Dogs
The O.G's

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Who’s mom came to the hospital and was diagnosed with breast cancer?

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Who gets the first solo surgery?

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What triggered Dr. Bailey's OCD?
Infectious disease outbreak
Stress from being Chief of Surgery
Several of her patients died from faulty gloves she was wearing

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What lucky item does Jackson have for all his exams?
Rabbit's foot

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Which doctor had poison oak in their private area?

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What song did Matthew propose to April during the flash mob?
"Love Story" by Taylor Swift
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers

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Who does Alex Karev ask to fund his African Children’s Surgeries program?
Arizona Robbins
Jackson Avery
A patient Gladys Pulcher

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Who failed their boards on the first try?

16 of 18Pick your answer!

Who was shot first in the hospital shooting episode?

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Who figured out why Katie Bryce was having seizures in episode 1

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Who was Meredith dating when Derek left her for Addison?
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