Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be Russian Orthodox

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The Russian Orthodox is one of the largest religions in Russia and other parts of the world. Are you a Russian Orthodox follower?

 Apr 28, 2017
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Where are the Russian Orthodox Headquarters?
St. Petersburg
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The Russian Orthodox Church is a branch of...
Eastern Orthodox
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The highest church official in the Russian Orthodox is called what?
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Orthodox churches celebrate a...
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What is one of the major problems in the Russian Orthodox church?
It's corrupt
Lack of Attendance
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The Russian Orthodox Church was founded by which apostle?
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Who is the head of the Russian Orthodox?
Alexander IV
John Paul 2
Alexy II
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Orthodox churches follow what type of calendar?
Chinese Calendar
Julian Calendar
Fiscal Calendar
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What does the liturgy usually begin with?
Prayer to Holy Spirit
Prayer to Adam & Eve
Prayer of Separation of Government
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Orthodoxy relies heavily on the writings of...?
Roman Gods
Ancient Monks
Greek Fathers
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How is salvation attained?
by grace through faith alone
Through the observance of the sacraments
By praying 3 times a day
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What does "triune" mean?
Consisting of three in one
Adhering to sacraments
Another name for the eucharist
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The Russian Prayer "otche nash" is known in English as...
Hail Mary
God's Grace
Our Father
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What architectural feature is typical in a Russian Orthodox church?
First Commandment Structure
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Russian Orthodox has approximately how many memberships?
2 million
85 million
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