Quiz: People Who Get 15/15 On This Geography Quiz Are Actually Geniuses

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How much do you actually know about the planet you live on?

Answer questions about the oceans, continents, countries, mountains, and everything to do with the Earth's surface!

 Sep 27, 2017

1 of 15Question 15

Which countries' borders are home to Mt. Everest?
America and Mexico
Russia and Europe
China and Nepal

2 of 15Question 14

The ring of fire located around the Pacific Plate is located in which ocean?
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean

3 of 15Question 13

Which country is in South East Asia?

4 of 15Question 12

Which is NOT a capital city of a European country?
Rio de Janeiro

5 of 15Question 11

Disregarding Antarctica, what is the largest desert on Earth?
Chihuahuan Desert
Mojave Desert

6 of 15Question 10

What country is located in between France and Spain?

7 of 15Question 9

Which country is the Great Pyramid of Giza located in?
South Africa
The Democratic Republic of Congo

8 of 15Question 8

What is generally considered to be the largest island on Earth (Australia is considered a continent)?

9 of 15Question 7

Which is the largest continent?
South America

10 of 15Question 6

What is the highest mountain in Africa?
Ethiopian Highlands
Mount Meru
Mount Kilamanjaro

11 of 15Question 5

Which country is the largest in South America by surface area?

12 of 15Question 4

What is Earth's largest ocean by surface size?
Indian Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean

13 of 15Question 3

The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of which country?

14 of 15Question 2

What is the smallest independent country by surface size?
Vatican City

15 of 15Question 1

What is Earth's second largest continent by surface size?
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