Quiz: Only A Born And Bred Protestant Can Get 10/15 On This Religious Test


May the Holy Spirit be with you to help you pass this quiz!

Answer questions about the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, and principles that make Protestantism different from Catholicism!

 May 05, 2017
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How many denominations of the Protestant religion exist?
Over 9,000
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Protestant's believe that forgiveness for sin is based on what?
The sinner's faith in Christ
The sinner's good works
A combination of faith and good works
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The Universal Priesthood means what?
All priests have original sin wiped from them when they are ordained
Christians need to speak to priests to communicate with God
Christians have direct access to God through prayer
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Which is NOT one of the Five solae?
Sola Eucharistica
Sola Scriptura
Sola Fide
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Who gave power to the Protestant Reformation by creating the Ninety-five Theses?
Martin Luther
John Wycliffe
Jan Hus
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What was the main thing the Ninety-five Theses was arguing against?
The Power of Indulgences
Papal Supremacy
Priesthood of All Believers
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What humans do Protestant's think it is okay to glorify?
No people can be glorified, just God
The Pope
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Which of the following is a major difference between Protestantism and Catholicism?
The Bible as the source of God's word
The Holy Trinity
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What was a major aid to the Protestant Reformation?
The newly developed steam boats used to spread news farther distances
The printing press used to print and spread ideas and
The widespread use of Latin which enabled people to read news
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Failure to embrace the reformation did NOT lead to economic decline in which of the following countries?
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Which of the following statements about the Protestant work ethic is false?
Hard work, discipline and frugality will result in a person's salvation
Martin Luther and John Calvin argued that work was a calling from God
There is a separation of job status between the “sacred” and the “secular”
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Did early leaders in the Protestant Reformation believe in predestination?
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Who celebrates less sacraments?
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When was the Protestant Reformation started?
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Where is the Protestant faith the most prominent faith?
Latin America
Northern European
South East Asia
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