Quiz: No One Except An ER Nurse Gets A 18/18 On This Tricky Hospital Quiz


Let's see if you really have what it takes to be an ER Nurse. From stitches to MRI scans you have seen it all! Click through to test your medical skills!

Identify ER accidents and when to give a patient a CAT Scan, when they need immediate surgery, and more!

 Apr 06, 2018

1 of 18Pick the correct answer!

Humans can't live without which of the following?

2 of 18Pick the correct answer!

What is the largest human external organ?

3 of 18Pick the correct answer!

Which is the average body temperature?

4 of 18Pick the correct answer!

If you call 911, who will bring you to an Emergency Room to be treated?

5 of 18Pick the correct answer!

Say you're at the ER because you've suddenly become dizzy and short of breath. When you arrive, what's important for your doctor to know?
Tell doctors about other medications you're currently taking
The specifics about your symptoms
Both are correct

6 of 18Pick the correct answer!

Which would require emergency room care?
A change in vision

7 of 18Pick the correct answer!

In an ER, what order do doctors see patients in?
Based on the severity of their injury
Based on their insurance policy
First come, first serve

8 of 18Pick the correct answer!

ER doctors deal with patients arriving with foreign objects in their bodies. What's the most dangerous of the items patients often swallow?
Soda can tabs
Chewing gum
Nut shells

9 of 18Pick the correct answer!

What medical specialties are included in most emergency rooms?
Dental, trauma, dermatological, surgical
Cardiac, trauma, obstetric, orthopedic, surgical
Mental, cardiac, trauma, cardiovascular

10 of 18Pick the correct answer!

If blood is spurting from a wound, what should you do?
Cover the wound with a clean cloth and use continuous pressure
Both of these
Raise the wound above the victim's heart to slow the bleeding

11 of 18Pick the correct answer!

The victim has pale or bluish skin color, cold skin, and dull or sunken eyes. These are symptoms of which health emergency?
Heart Attack

12 of 18Pick the correct answer!

A patient comes in with a first degree burn, what do you do?
Neither of these
Rub room temperature oil on it
Put ice on it to cool it down

13 of 18Pick the correct answer!

A patient is in a car crash and severely injures a limb to the point it needs to be cut off. What is this called?
Limb Removal
Cardiovascular Cut

14 of 18Pick the correct answer!

If a patient mentions any symptom that sounds like it might be a heart attack, the first thing you should do is ___________.
give them a CAT scan
give them an ECG
give them a MRI

15 of 18Pick the correct answer!

If a child has a deep cut on the top of their head, what is the fastest way for it to be treated?

16 of 18Pick the correct answer!

A patient comes in and after an assessment you conclude they are extremely dehydrated, what do you do?
Blood transfer
An IV with saline solution
Caffeinated beverages

17 of 18Pick the correct answer!

If a doctor tells you to prepare a suture kit, what should you bring them?
Gauze and tape
Hydrogen peroxide and vaseline
Needle and thread

18 of 18Pick the correct answer!

What is the first thing a doctor does if someone is complaining of abdominal pain?
Check their pupils for dilation
Press down on parts of the stomach looking for pain
Give them a MRI
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