Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Questions Every Patriots Fan Should Get?

Are you a true Patriot? Or just a bandwagon fan? Find out by taking this quiz!

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 Apr 26, 2017
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Question: 1/22Pick the correct answer!

What was the Patriots original name?
The Boston Patriots
The New England Patriots.
The New England Red Sox

Question: 2/22Pick the correct answer!

Who holds the Patriots single season rushing record with 1,635 yards?
Curtis Martin
Corey Dillion
Jim Nance

Question: 3/22Pick the correct answer!

Where are the Patriots based?
New England

Question: 4/22Pick the correct answer!

What is the name of the Patriot's stadium?
Gillette Stadium
MetLife Stadium
AT&T Stadium

Question: 5/22Pick the correct answer!

Who is the Patriot's head coach?
Pete Carroll
Bill Belichick
Bill Parcells

Question: 6/22Pick the correct answer!

Who was the first Patriot inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
John Hannah
Tom Brady
Vince Ferragamo

Question: 7/22Pick the correct answer!

Who is the owner of the Patriots?
John Hamelstein
Richard Mansfield
Robert Kraft

Question: 8/22Pick the correct answer!

Who is the Patriots all time leading scorer?
Tom Brady
Gino Cappelletti
Stephen Gotskowski

Question: 9/22Pick the correct answer!

Who did the Patriots play in their first ever Playoff game in 1963?
Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets

Question: 10/22Pick the correct answer!

What beverage is Tom Brady known for drinking?
Coconut Water

Question: 11/22Pick the correct answer!

Which offensive lineman played his entire career with the Patriots?
Bruce Armstrong
Steve Nelson
Jon Morris

Question: 12/22Pick the correct answer!

Who has NOT performed at a Patriot's Super Bowl Halftime show?
Lady Gaga
Miley Cyrus
Katy Perry

Question: 13/22Pick the correct answer!

Which Patriot holds the record for longest punt in Super Bowl history, 64 yards?
Tom Brady
Ryan Allen
Ken Walter

Question: 14/22Pick the correct answer!

Who made turf angels when the team won Super Bowl XXXVI
Lonie Paxton
John Hannah
Bruce Armstrong

Question: 15/22Pick the correct answer!

How many Super Bowls have the Patriots won?

Question: 16/22Pick the correct answer!

What year were the Patriots founded?

Question: 17/22Pick the correct answer!

What Patriots player was once drafted for Major League Baseball?
Tom Brady
John Hannah
Vince Ferragamo

Question: 18/22Pick the correct answer!

What team had the first player to sack Tom Brady?
Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts

Question: 19/22Pick the correct answer!

What number is Tom Brady?

Question: 20/22Pick the correct answer!

Who has had last second game winning field goals in two Super Bowls?
Vince Ferragamo
Adam Vinatieri
John Hannah

Question: 21/22Pick the correct answer!

Who won the most recent Super Bowl?

Question: 22/22Pick the correct answer!

What was the final score in the Super Bowl?
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