Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Baby Boomers Can Get 15/20 On This Slang Test. Can You?


How well do you know 50s and 60s words? If you're a baby boomer you will for sure ACE this tricky dialect test! No one knows better than you that times have certainly changed since when you were a kid! And the slang has changed as well! Do you remember this slang from the 50s and 60s?

Identify commonly used words and phrases from the 1950s and 1960s with examples like bash, kookie, nod, and more!

 Oct 05, 2017
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In the 50s & 60s, people would often refer to a party as a ______.
Get together
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What was another term for money?
Peanut Butter
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How was the word "crazy" used?
To insult someone
As a compliment/good thing
People didn't say crazy
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To "cream" often referred to what?
To whip really fast
To win in sports by a lot of points
To damage a car
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If someone was "blitzed" they were _______.
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Instead of calling them movies, you'd call them ______
Picture shows
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Was "Get bent!" a compliment or an insult?
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Which of the following was NOT a nickname for the police?
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What was a common word or phrase used for something dirty?
Totally Ew
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A funky term used for a telephone was:
A bob
A telly
A horn
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What does "Made in the shade" mean?
A pale person
Made to fit
A good situation
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What did it mean for a car to be "Souped up"?
The tires were white
It had a cool paint job
It could go fast
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If someone was "Kookie", what were they?
Nuts, in the nicest possible way
Annoying in a bad way
Certifiably insane
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Hep means the same thing as ______.
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If someone was "Cook, cookin'", they were ________.
Stressed out
Doing well
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If Jimmy got "clanked" by Annie that means:
He got in trouble
He got rejected
She hit him
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What does it mean if you "dig" something?
You like it
You approve
You hate it
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If someone is a "germ" that means they are what?
A loser
A bug
A pest
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What is another way to say "hello"?
Hey bean!
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"I'll clue you in" means:
I'll tell you about it
I'll give you a hint
I'll tell them for you
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