Quiz: Whats Your Hogwarts GPA?


Are you smarter than Hermione?

A quiz on all the core and some elective subjects in Hogwarts, from Defense Against the Dark Arts to Care of Magical Creatures!

 Mar 26, 2018
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What spell is used to get rid of boggarts?
Expecto Patronum
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What was the wizard Baruffio famous for?
Getting lost in his own home
Messing up a spell
Inventing portkeys
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What does Wingardium Leviosa do?
Gives objects wings
Turns people into snitches
Makes objects float
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What wand movement is important for this spell?
Push and pull
Swish and flick
Poke and rotate
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What are the three Unforgivable Curses?
Avada Kedavra, Imperius, Crucio
Sectumsempra, Levicorpus, Muffliato
Reducto, Diffindo, Flipendo
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Which of these is the best antidote for most poisons?
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Who was the first Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards?
Miranda Goshawk
Pierre Bonaccord
Albus Dumbledore
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List two ingredients required to make Polyjuice Potion.
Lacewing flies & Boomslang skin
Powdered bicorn horn & monkshood
Crushed beetle eyes & fluxweed
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Aconite is an ingredient in what potion?
Wolfsbane Potion
Elixir to Induce Euphoria
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What do you get from adding powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?
The Draught of Living Death
The Cure for Boils
Felix Felicis
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In a room filled with gaseous poison, which spell would you use to protect yourself?
Bubble-Head Charm
Fidelius Charm
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What spell provides a really strong light?
Lumos Triplus
Lumos Maximus
Lumos Fortis
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What is the incantation for the Stunning Spell?
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What is required to perform the Patronus Charm?
More than one person
A happy memory
A strong mental image of the patronus
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People who wish to become an animagus must do what first?
Prove they won't use it for nefarious purposes
Register with the Ministry
Pass an exam at their wizarding school
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What does Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration state?
You can't conjure food from nowhere
You can't magically increase the food you have
You can't transfigure food
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What is a bowtruckle's favorite food?
Beetle eyes
Wood lice
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Which of these is a death omen?
The Grim
The Goat
The Gemini
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Bubotuber pus is good for curing what?
Common cold
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What is most effective against Devil's Snare?
Sharp objects
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'Protego' is the incantation for which charm?
Disarming Charm
Fidelius Charm
Shield Charm
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What is the charm that does the opposite of 'Accio'?
Dispelling Charm
Pushing Charm
Banishing Charm
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