Quiz: Only Someone With Japanese Roots Can Get 10/15 On This Culture Quiz



Questions on Japanese culture and their customs, such as the rituals conducted during New Year's or during high school graduation.

 Sep 17, 2017
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Which kind of trees is Japan famous for?
Cherry Blossom Trees
Apple Trees
Pine Trees
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How many years of high school do students usually attend?
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What are the two major religions in Japan?
Christianity and Islam
Shinto and Buddhism
Judaism and Hinduism
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When is White Day?
June 17
March 14
February 14
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What is NOT a name for traditional Japanese clothing?
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What's the name the Japanese give for animated shows?
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Which of these is an authentic Japanese dish?
Pad thai
Chicken feet
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What's the name for a Japanese warrior?
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What does it mean if your tea stalk is floating upright in your green tea?
Watch your back!
Someone will betray you!
You have good luck!
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How do Japanese people usually greet each other?
By hugging
By slapping high-five
By bowing
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What kind of entertainment is Japan especially famous for?
Classical music
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What food do the Japanese usually eat during New Year's?
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The Japanese are obsessed with what kind of animal?
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What do guys usually give girls when they graduate high school?
A cat
An apple
A button from their jacket
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How many distinct alphabets does Japanese have?
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