Quiz: Only A Vet Tech Will Be Able To Answer These 22 Animal Questions

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How much do you remember from Bio?

A quiz on the veterinary terminology and concepts that come up when treating animals, such as "ventral" and "stethoscope."

 Nov 14, 2017
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Something ventral on the animal would be where?
Belly or underside
Top of the head
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What does "PE" stand for?
Proximal esophagus
Physical examination
Posterior ectoderm
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An "acute" symptom would mean that it is what?
Chronic and severe
Brief and severe
Chronic and mild
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How would one describe an animal's loss of appetite?
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What is apnea?
Temporary seizures
Temporary cessation of breathing
Temporarily waking up while sleeping
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If something is "intradermal", where is it?
On top of the skin
In the muscle
Within the skin
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What do omnivores eat?
Only animals
Plants and animals
Only plants
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What is a newborn animal called?
9 of 22Pick your answer!
An ocular disease would probably be located where?
In the feet
In the ear
In the eye
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A male parent is called the _____.
Y chromosome
11 of 22Pick your answer!
The female parent is called the ______.
X chromosome
12 of 22Pick your answer!
What is another name for whelping?
Sleeping too little
Eating too much
Giving birth
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An anaerobic environment means an environment without ________.
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What are analogous structures between organisms?
They look the same but perform different functions
They look different but perform the same function
They are the same and perform the same functions
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The term "avian" refers to what kinds of organisms?
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Where is the trachea located in the body of an animal?
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An organism that lives in or on another organism is called a _______.
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What does it mean to "incise" something?
Cut into
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The spread of disease to another part of the body is called what?
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The prefix "hypo" means _______.
just enough
too little
too much
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In contrast, the prefix "hyper-" means ________.
just right
too little
too much
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What instrument is typically used to aurally examine the chest?
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