Quiz: Only A True Southerner Can Pass This Southern Citizenship Test


How Southern are you? Only a TRUE born and bred Southerner will be able to answer all 15 of these questions that would be found on a Citizenship Test specifically for the Southern United States.

A quiz on the various aspects of the Southern United States, from its modern cultural traditions to its rich and significant history.

 Oct 02, 2017
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Which of these states is considered to be part of the South?
North Carolina
New Jersey
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Located in Virginia, ________ was the first permanent British settlement.
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What is a major southern city?
Seattle, Washington
Houston, Texas
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Some Southern states are also known as what?
The Region of Chivalry
The Great States
The Bible Belt
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Which American president was born in the south?
Theodore Roosevelt
George W. Bush
Richard Nixon
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Southern belles often go through a coming-of-age ceremony called __________.
debutante balls
bat mitsvahs
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What is the most famous battle of the Texas Revolution?
Siege of Yorktown
Battle of the Alamo
Battle of Bunker Hill
8 of 15Pick your answer!
What is the iconic drink of the south?
Sweet iced tea
Jasmine tea
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Which of these is an classic Southern dish?
Chicken fried steak
Hot pot
Puppy chow
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After the Revolutionary War, what was a popular cash crop in the south?
Sugar cane
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A classic Southern house usually has a __________.
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The Revolutionary War effectively ended after the British defeat in _________.
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The Civil Rights Movement was especially focused on which southern state?
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As a popular pastime, Southerners often go to see what kind of races?
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Southerners are usually fans of what sport?
Professional soccer
College football
Woman's ice hockey
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