Quiz: Only A True Ballerina Can Answer These 22 Dance Questions. Can You?

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Four tendus front!

A quiz on the most common terms and ideas in the world of ballet, from tendus to the various starting positions.

 Nov 14, 2017
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What kind of movement is a pirouette?
Stretching one's arms
Rotation or spin
Lifting one's leg
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A long horizontal jump is called a _______.
grand jetté
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Why is a tendu usually performed?
To prepare for more complex steps
To help complete larger jumps
To help maintain general balance
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What is another word for "jump"?
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Where in the room do ballerinas usually start class?
On the floor
In the middle
At the barre
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How many starting positions are there?
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What is first position?
Feet are together, side by side
Lead foot in front of other foot
Heels together, feet facing outwards
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What comes after the starting positions?
Parallel position
Square position
Perpendicular position
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What are the two types of plies?
Gross and petite
Grand and demi
Haut and Basse
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Lifting one's leg to the side is a(n) ________.
fifth position
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What does it mean to go "en pointe"?
Pointing one's leg out to the side
Lifting one's arms up to a point
Balancing on one's toes
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What is another word for first position?
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All jumps begin and end with a _____.
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What graceful pose usually ends a sequence of steps?
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Dancers on pointe would wear what kind of shoes?
Pointe shoes
Heel shoes
Ballet flats
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A step backwards, away from the audience, would be what?
An arriere
A retrriere
A posteriur
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A step taken to the side is _______.
cote de
avec de
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What is a mime?
Using face and body to express emotion
When a male dancer lifts a female dancer
Where one foot chases the other
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What is the word for a slow ballet?
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Vaganova ballet is associated with what country?
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A croise is doing what with the legs?
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What is a group of ballet dancers called?
Corps de ballet
Visage de ballerinnes
Groupe de ballerina
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