Quiz: Only 27% Of Potterheads Remember The Triwizard Tournament. Do You?


"Never gonna let him forget this are you?" "Never."

A quiz about Harry's Triwizard Tournament, including questions on the task, the champions, and everything in between!

 Mar 05, 2018

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What enchanted object chooses the champions?
The Goblet of Fire
The Choosing Chalice
The Triwizard Cup

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How many champions are there supposed to be?

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How many tasks were there in the tournament?

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One of the judges was _________.
Rita Skeeter
Ludo Bagman
Charlie Weasley

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How many judges were there?

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What did the champions do for the first task?
Get a golden egg
Slay a dragon
Lose a dragon

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What dragon did Cedric Diggory face?
Hungarian Horntail
Swedish Short-Snout
Common Welsh Green

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Who faced the Chinese Fireball?
Viktor Krum
Fleur Delacour
Harry Potter

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Fleur got points off because her dragon burned what?
Her hair
Her arm
Her skirt

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Who had the most points by the end of the first task?
Krum and Harry
Cedric and Krum
Fleur and Harry

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For the second task, the champions had to figure a riddle from what object?
Golden egg

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Which of these is a line from the riddle?
"Come seek us where our voices sound"
"We've taken the person you'll most miss"
"Over two hours the prospect's black"

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What was the time limit for the second task?
45 minutes
Two hours
One hour

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Where did the second task take place?
The Black Lake
The Quidditch Pitch
The Room of Requirement

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Who used Transfiguration to succeed in the second task?
Viktor Krum
Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour

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Who had to save Cho Chang?
Harry Potter
Cedric Diggory
Viktor Krum

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Who was the last to emerge in the second task?
Harry Potter
Cedric Diggory
Fleur Delacour

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What was the third task?
Finding a sack of galleons
Defeating a dragon
Getting through a maze

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Which of these spells does Harry learn for the third task?
Expecto Patronum

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Which magical creature did Harry encounter in the maze?

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What was the answer to the Sphinx's riddle?
Death Eater

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Who won the Triwizard Tournament?
Cedric and Harry
Harry and Krum
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