Quiz: Can You Name These 16 Elvis Songs By Just Three Clues?

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Some things are meant to be...is passing this quiz one of them?

See how well you know the great classics by the King of Rock and Roll, such as "Jailhouse Rock" and "Can't Help Falling in Love."

 Nov 09, 2017
1 of 16What is this song?
It's like a river flowing to the sea; Sang in Blue Hawaii; Released in 1961
Love Me Tender
Hound Dog
Can't Help Falling in Love
2 of 16What is this song?
Being high-classed was a lie; Awarded Grammy Hall of Fame ; Made fans scream
An American Trilogy
Hound Dog
The Wonder of You
3 of 16What is this song?
Let's rock; It's also the name of a musical drama; 1957
Jailhouse Rock
A Little Less Conversation
Burning Love
4 of 16What is this song?
Love me sweet; It's adapted from a Civil War ballad; 1972
All Shook Up
In the Ghetto
Love Me Tender
5 of 16What is this song?
You come here when you're lonely; Inspired by the news of a suicide; 1956
One Night
Heartbreak Hotel
Crying in the Chapel
6 of 16What is this song?
Not a white Christmas; Written by Hayes and Johnson; 1957
Blue Christmas
Black Christmas
Bare Christmas
7 of 16What is this song?
Just this much will do; Written by Schroeder and Sid Jaxon; 1959
Little Sister
A Big Hunk o' Love
One Night
8 of 16What is this song?
Starts in a Chicago mornin'; Album is "From Elvis in Memphis"; 1969
In the Ghetto
Return to Sender
Are You Lonesome Tonight
9 of 16What is this song?
I'm in love with my buttercup; Written after Elvis woke up shaken by a dream; 1969
Suspicious Minds
If I Can Dream
All Shook Up
10 of 16What is this song?
Tomorrow will be too late; Elvis is Back! ; 1960
That's Alright
Always on My Mind
It's Now Or Never
11 of 16What is this song?
Don't do this to a heart that's true; A Golden Celebration; 1956
Don't Be Cruel
Hard Headed Woman
A Fool Such as I
12 of 16What is this song?
(Let Me Be Your) ; In the movie "Loving You"; 1957
Teddy Bear
Hound Dog
Good Luck Charm
13 of 16What is this song?
Temperature rising; Aloha From Hawaii; 1973
Burning Love
Wooden Heart
Devil in Disguise
14 of 16What is this song?
It's what I'm now praying for; Title sometimes couple with "of Sin"; 1958
Too Much
If I Can Dream
One Night
15 of 16What is this song?
Hitchhike from Memphis to Alabama; In the movie "Clambake"; 1967
Don't Cry Daddy
Guitar Man
Kentucky Rain
16 of 16What is this song?
We can't go on together; Caught in a trap; Released 1969
Unchained Melody
Suspicious Minds
Stuck on You
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