Quiz: Can We Guess Your Education Level From Your Worldly Knowledge?

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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

A trivia quiz on various subjects, from history to geography and even to popular culture. Test your knowledge with these questions!

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Think you have a high enough IQ to conquer the world? This 15 question quiz will get you thinking. You might go through it with the ease and grace of Princess Diana or you might be cursing all your school teachers. You might need to cheat and Google the answers quickly. You could print it out, show it to your worst enemy and say "see, who you laughing at now????". You could just take this silently at your desk, hoping your boss doesn't walk by and see you're not crunching those numbers like you said you were. Maybe you're a PhD applicant waiting to obtain your degree in higher education. Maybe you haven't left your hometown but you know a lot about the world thanks to the Discovery channel. Anyway you slice it, you'll enjoy this quiz. Maybe you have a genius IQ and you're so sick of people questioning it so you'll take this test, with your eyes closed, and still get a perfect score. Maybe you dropped out of High School but you still know all the answers to this knowledge quiz. Or perhaps you went to an Ivy League college and still don't know the answers! We'll let you know how your education level once you're done with this fast, fun, and interesting quiz. And if you don't have a diploma, print this bad boy out, frame it, and put it on your fridge because you deserve some accolades for your perfect score. And hey, don't sweat it, if you don't get the highest score, take a deep breath and come back for more. We know you can ace it!

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