Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Ace This Utah Slang Test?

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That is so fetch!

Questions on the everyday slang of Utah locals that range from words such as "sluffing" to words like "trunky".

 Jul 06, 2017
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What does it mean to "sluff" school?
To love
To pass
To ditch
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Translate: "Fetch"
To bring back; to return
A Mormon swearword
Something that's not going to happen. Ever.
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What does it mean if someone's "trunky"?
He/she's homesick
He/she has some very nice grass.
He/she has a very nice suitcase
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What does "NCMO" stand for?
Non-Committal Make-Out
Never Call My Office
Now Chaos May Occur
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What does it mean to "biff"?
To relax with a nice glass of wine
To blow someone off
To trip
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Why're you being so awnery?
I finished my semester with straight A's!
I just got rejected
I bought ice cream
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What are the "slots" in Utah?
Your backyard
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What is a "Ward"?
A section of the state
A popular ice cream chain
A congregation of Mormons
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What is a "Holy War"?
Headline news
A football game
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What is "fry sauce" made of?
Ketchup and mayonnaise
Mashed-up fries
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If something is "epic," it is...
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"Holy War" isn't just the crusades, it is...
When your parents argue
Mormons vs. everyone else
University of Utah vs. BYU
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