Harry Potter Trivia: How Many Points Will You Earn For Your House?

Quidditch, Potterhead
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Do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?

A quiz on random Harry Potter trivia that will determine just how many points you would actually learn for your house at Hogwarts!

 Apr 02, 2018

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Adding the powdered root of asphodel to what makes the Draught of Living Death?
Essence of murtlap
Infusion of wormwood
Mixture of shrivelfig

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Which of these is another word for aconite?

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In first year, what did Harry first practice the Hover Charm on?

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In Deathly Hallows, Hermione mentions whose Law of Elemental Transfiguration?

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In order to fix Harry's glasses, what is the first spell Hermione does in the series?
Specula Ramerus
Lunette Fixamus
Oculus Reparo

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What about the spell "riddikulus" really destroys a boggart?
A happy memory

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What plant is useful for petrified victims?
Bouncing Bulb

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The Chamber of Secrets was built by which Hogwarts founder?

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A wizard named "Uric" was known historically as what?
Uric the Unmentionable
Uric the Oddball
Uric the Evil

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Which of these is taken from the stomach of a goat?

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What spell produces water?

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Which of these is an especially powerful Shield Charm?
Protego Tripilus
Protego Horribilis
Protego Maximus

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Bowtruckles are usually found around what kind of trees?
Parchment trees
Drawing trees
Wand trees

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Which of these prophesying methods is not mentioned in Harry Potter?
Palm reading
Dream interpretation
Chinese sticks

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Which of these did the trio NOT learn how to transfigure in the series?

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What is the spell that takes away someone's voice?

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What are two ingredients in polyjuice potion?
Porcupine quills and beetle eyes
Lacewing flies and leeches
Unicorn hair and boomslang skin

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Which of these creatures like to eat wood lice?

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Devil's Snare likes what kind of environment?
The dark and damp
The light and bright
The warm and wide

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What is the first Unforgivable Curse Harry learns about in Goblet of Fire?
Avada Kedavra

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Which of these is the incantation for the Disarming Charm?
Petrificus Totalus

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What is the color of felix felicis?
Pale yellow
Sky blue
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