Hogwarts Quiz: Can You Match These Creatures To Their Magical Abilities?


How well do you know the wizarding world?

A quiz on several different magical creatures from the wizarding world of Harry Potter! How well do you actually know them?

 Jun 25, 2018
1 of 22Match the ability!
Deadly venom
Super hearing
2 of 22Match the ability!
Can travel faster than light
Fit the space they're in
Emits hopeful music
3 of 22Match the ability!
Music can kill your opponent
Feathers can detect enemies
Tears can heal most wounds
4 of 22Match the ability!
Deadly gaze
Poisonous skin
Paralyzing cry
5 of 22Match the ability!
Find missing persons
Find sparkly objects
Find muggle money
6 of 22Match the ability!
Suck our your soul
Show your worst fear
Waylay lost travelers
7 of 22Match the ability!
Horn can help track people
Blood can give extend life
Fur can make one invisible
8 of 22Match the ability!
Create storms
Create hurricanes
Create tornadoes
9 of 22Match the ability!
Removes one's soul
Reminds you of your happiest memories
Kills you with a look
10 of 22Match the ability!
Can smell very distant objects
Can sense deception
Can talk to birds
11 of 22Match the ability!
Venomous wings
Deadly cry
Poisonous bite
12 of 22Match the ability!
Can shoot fire from its mouth
Can breathe underwater
Can be reborn from its ashes
13 of 22Match the ability!
Drains a your happiness
Makes you crave chocolate
Shows your worst fear
14 of 22Match the ability!
Can travel faster than a cheetah
Capable of human speech
Capable of sprouting wings
15 of 22Match the ability!
Poisonous bite
Deadly stare
Can be invisible
16 of 22Match the ability!
Blast-Ended Skrewt
Capable of human speech
Impenetrable armor
Breathes fire
17 of 22Match the ability!
Tears allow temporary invisibility
Cry makes the evil pass out
Song increases courage in the good
18 of 22Match the ability!
Misleads lost travelers
Gives a person the ability to fly
Makes people lose their memories
19 of 22Match the ability!
Razor-sharp teeth
Explosive horn
Extraordinary hearing
20 of 22Match the ability!
Swooping Evil
Stinger can induce happy memories
Venom can erase bad memories
Eyes can take one's memories
21 of 22Match the ability!
Great sense of direction
Breathes fire when agitated
Super hearing
22 of 22Match the ability!
Saliva can cure boils
Tears can remove hair
Essence can heal cuts
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