Quiz: Could You Survive The Battle At Hogwarts?


Or would Dumbledore see you at Kings Cross?

A quiz that will determine based on your knowledge and gut-instincts just how well you'd do at the Battle of Hogwarts!

 May 07, 2018
1 of 22Choose Your Answer:
The castle is quiet, for now. What are you doing?
Chatting nervously
Running through some hexes in my head
Just standing, wand at the ready
2 of 22Choose Your Answer:
Which of these is the incantation for the Shield Charm?
3 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What spell should you use against a dementor?
Expecto Patronum
Extensia Patronum
Expellus Patronus
4 of 22Choose Your Answer:
Harry Potter tells you to get out of the Room of Requirement. What do you do?
Get out and wait to come back in
Say no. That's only place to stay safe.
Get out and join the fray!
5 of 22Choose Your Answer:
"Expelliarmus" is what kind of charm?
6 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What spell would you use to stun someone?
7 of 22Choose Your Answer:
How would you react to a fully-grown acromantula?
Take it on!
Gather allies to defeat it!
Run away
8 of 22Choose Your Answer:
Voldemort asks everyone to hand over Potter. What do you do?
Go to the Forbidden Forest yourself
Tell people to hand him over
Get ready for battle
9 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What is the only way to defend against a Killing Curse (if you're not Harry)?
10 of 22Choose Your Answer:
How would you fight a giant?
Slowly, and with many people
11 of 22Choose Your Answer:
How do you feel about Shield Hats?
Seems useful to have
Where from?
They're ridiculous
12 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You're suddenly blinded by Instant Darkness Powder. What do you do?
Run towards some sound source
Start firing off hexes
13 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What does the spell "Impedimenta" do?
Makes your opponent disappear
Slows down your opponent
Blasts your opponent away
14 of 22Choose Your Answer:
A Death Eater is chasing you, but the corridor is blocked with rubble. What spell would be useful?
15 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What is the incantation for the Blasting Curse?
16 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You trip and lose your wand. What spell would be useful?
Homenum revelio
17 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You run into a room to escape a vicious Death Eater. What's the first spell you use?
18 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You break a finger! What now?
Use "Episkey" and move on
Find someone to heal it for you
19 of 22Choose Your Answer:
Your leg gets caught in some Devil's Snare. What do you do?
Pull away really hard
Use "Diffindo"
Use "Incendio"
20 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You're faced with someone you know under the Imperius Curse. What do you do?
Fight to kill
Run. You can't fight a friend!
Try to lift the curse
21 of 22Choose Your Answer:
What is the counterspell to "Levicorpus"?
22 of 22Choose Your Answer:
You see the Dark Mark over the Astronomy Tower. What do you do?
Ignore it. Keep fighting
Find your friends
Head towards it
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