Quiz: Can You Match These 16 "Sound Of Music" Quotes To Their Scenes?

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Are you the true fan you claim to be???

A quiz on the classic musical film, The Sound of Music, that tests you on your knowledge of the most famous scenes, from beginning to end!

 Nov 30, 2017
1 of 16Choose the quote!
"The hills are alive with the sound of music!"
"I can hear the sound of music!"
"Get thee to a nunnery!"
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"I've taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming"
"I will not kiss the floor for her this time, you'll see"
"I think I'll run away, just to teach her a lesson"
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"After all, the wool from the black sheep is just as warm"
"What can we do to make the black sheep behave?"
"The black sheep must go away"
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"Can you see that over there?"
"I want to hear you singing again"
"You brought music back into the house"
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"You are seventeen going on eighteen; I'll depend on you"
"There's nothing the two of us can't do"
"If you'll marry me, I'll marry you"
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"You had me at hello"
"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"
"You can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else"
7 of 16Choose the quote!
"How can the world be so bad, when it has all of my favorite things?"
"I always think of my favorite things, and the world glows brighter"
"I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad"
8 of 16Choose the quote!
"Climb over the barriers, and you'll see the light"
"Ford every stream, follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream."
"You know past the darkness, a dream waits on the other side"
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"When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most everything"
"When you're here with me, I can sing like I'm free"
"There is no greater feeling than seeing you singing"
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"If the Lord closes a door, can I open it from the other side?"
"When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window"
"Sometimes the Lord closes a door, only to open another"
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"Don't you dare walk away from me, Captain!" "Watch me, Fraulein."
"We're not finished, Captain!" "Pack your bags!"
"I am not finished yet, Captain!" "Oh yes you are, Captain!"
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"Nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who's in love with him"
"I know what you've done, and I won't let you get away with it"
"There is no one more irresistible to him, except me, of course."
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"Some people would call that 'honesty'"
"Why are you still here?"
"Some people might call that 'delusion'"
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"To sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray"
"So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night"
"When you sing you begin with do-re-mi"
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"I love my children. When they behave, that is"
"There's nothing wrong with the children. Only the governesses"
"I don't know what you're talking about, Maria"
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"High on a hill was a lonely goatherd"
"A dream that will need all the love you can give"
"Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels"
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