Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every Grease Fan Should Get?

"Summer lovin' had me a blast"

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 Dec 21, 2016
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Question: 1/22Finish the lyric!

"Summer lovin', had me a blast, summer lovin', _____________"
happened so fast
now it's all in the past
which it could last

Question: 2/22Pick your answer!

How does Danny tell his friends that he met Sandy?
His dad set them up
He spilled a drink on her at a bar
She was nearly drowning, and he saved her life

Question: 3/22Pick your answer!

What famous line does Rizzo say about Sandy?
"She's from down under, alright"
"Look at the hair on that girl!"
"She looks too pure to be Pink"

Question: 4/22Pick your answer!

The girls clique and the guys clique are called _____ and _____.
The Pink Ladies, The T-Birds
The Plastics, The Hot Shots
The Heathers, The Bowlers

Question: 5/22Pick your answer!

How does Danny make Sandy cry when they reunite?
He is caught kissing Rizzo
He's trying to act cool in front of his friends and is rude
He calls her ugly behind her back

Question: 6/22Pick your answer!

What event are Danny and Sandy at when they reunite?
A football pep rally
A science test
A school dance

Question: 7/22Pick your answer!

"Look at me, I’m ____ ___."
Sandra Dee
Sandy Olsson
Danny Zuko

Question: 8/22Pick your answer.

What is the T-birds rival gang called?

Question: 9/22Pick your answer!

What color does Frenchy accidentally dye her hair?

Question: 10/22Pick your answer!

What do the two gangs arrange to determine who’s better?
A car race
A wrestling match
Football game

Question: 11/22Pick your answer!

What happens to Kenickie before the race?
He gets a flat tire
He is knocked out by his own car door
He gets the stomach flu

Question: 12/22Pick your answer!

"You’re the one that I ___."

Question: 13/22Pick your answer!

What does Danny do to try to impress Sandy?
Try to get involved in Sports
Buys a car
Lets Frency dye his hair

Question: 14/22Pick your answer.

What is the T-birds car called?
Grease Fire
Grease Style
Greased Lightning

Question: 15/22Pick your answer!

"Beauty School ________, go back to high school"

Question: 16/22Pick your answer!

Where does Danny try to make a pass at Sandy?
Drive-thru theater
Local diner
His house

Question: 17/22Pick your answer!

What famous song does the gang dance to at the school dance?
"Born To Hand Jive"
"Electric Slide"
"Cha Cha Slide"

Question: 18/22Pick your answer!

"Love has flown, all alone I sit and wonder ______."
why you left me, oh Sandy
how you make me love you, Sandy
why I can't get over you, Sandy

Question: 19/22Pick your answer!

Why does Kenickie propose to Rizzo?
She's pregnant and he thinks it's his
He wins a free ring on television
She begs him to

Question: 20/22Pick your answer!

What song does Rizzo sing after she fears she’s pregnant?
"Summer Nights"
"Blue Moon"
“There Are Worse Things I Could Do"

Question: 21/22Pick your answer!

Who wins the race?

Question: 22/22Pick your answer!

How do Danny and Sandy show up to the fair at the end of the movie?
Danny as a nerd, Sandy as a school girl
Danny as a T-Bird, Sandy as normal
Danny as a jock, Sandy as a Pink Lady
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