No It's Not Gibberish, It's Bible Lingo! How Much Do You Know?

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How well will you test on this Testament quiz?

How well-versed are you in Bible lingo? If you think you've read everything Bible has to offer, take this tricky quiz to see how much you remember!

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Were you an A-student at Sunday school? Do you consider yourself religious? Do you find yourself searching for answers in the Good Book during trying times? You've read the Bible cover-to-cover not once, not twice, but so many times that you've stopped counting! From Bethlehem to Egypt, you know the lingo, geography, and history of all things Biblical! Do you think your Biblical IQ is high enough to ace this test? Your answer will be a true testament of how knowledgeable you really are! As a child of God, you know He would be proud of any score you get on this quiz, but make Him EXTRA proud by getting a 100% and be sure to share this with your fellow believers to see how their scores compare!

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