Sara Caskey

Photo of Sara Caskey
Baltimore, Maryland
Brown University
Affordable Skincare, TikTok Fashion Trends, Sustainable Brands
  • Since first upcycling her brother's hand-me-downs in third grade, Sara has maintained an interest in sustainability and second-hand shopping.
  • Sara began tracking social media trends while interning at The Take, and her writing was featured on the brand's growing TikTok channel.
  • While an undergraduate, Sara wrote a book of single-line poetry, a project for which she received honors.


Sara has been covering style and beauty topics for the past two years, reviewing viral products and tracking nostalgia cycles. Prior to joining The List, Sara contributed to ClothedUp, writing about everything from charcoal masks to fanny packs. Outside the world of lifestyle reporting, she's a fan of all things comedy, publishing online and print headlines about everything from milkmen to dirty towels. She's taken part in dozens of workshops and readings with the goal of sharing and improving her work.


Sara received a bachelor's degree in Literary Arts from Brown University, specializing in creative nonfiction and poetry. She also took classes in food writing, screenwriting, and investigative journalism.

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