Rachel Cash

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North Carolina
University Of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)
Entertainment News, Celebrity Relationships, The Royal Family
  • Rachel has been a writer at The List since March 2023.
  • In her free time, she blogs about her favorite movies and shows. She always has an eye out for what's new in the entertainment world.
  • As an avid Swiftie, Rachel enjoys writing about Taylor Swift's life, career, and accomplishments.


Rachel has been a lover of pop culture and celebrity news since she first opened Tiger Beat magazine as an elementary schooler. In college, she took courses related to journalism and magazine writing. She was a staff writer for the online magazine "Her Campus UNCW," where she had multiple articles published related to pop culture, entertainment, and student lifestyle aimed at college women. Rachel was also previously a contributor to the website Movieweb.


Rachel attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington and earned a BFA in creative writing, a minor in English, and a certificate in book publishing. During her final semester, she interned at Lookout Books, the publishing house run by the UNCW Creative Writing department.

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