11 Stylish Ways To Wear Purple And Green Together

If you've ever looked up how to determine which colors look good together, you've probably encountered advice that said to consult a color wheel. The circular tool depicts a ring of primary (red, yellow, and blue), secondary (green, violet, and orange), and tertiary colors (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet). Those who follow color theory claim you can determine which shades look good together based upon where they land on the wheel. For example, colors that are directly across from each other such as violet and yellow are considered complementary, which means you can rest assured a yellow top looks smashing over a dark purple skirt.

However, some advanced color rules create unlikely pairings. A purple and green combo, for instance, is an example of implementing the compound color rule. This is where you combine a base color with two of the tertiary colors of its opposite shade. For example, since purple is the opposite of yellow, it means you can feature violet, spring green, and gold in one ensemble to create a unique look.A purple-and-green outfit can look really striking, and this mix is great for spring and summer as it's reminiscent of green fields and purple flowers dotting them. If you are hesitant to put these colors together or still unsure of the magic of color theory, these examples should give you the confidence you need to rock this color combo.

Flouncy blouses

One idea for combining purple and green is to choose a top that is flowy and pair it with straight-leg pants. A blouse with movement will look fun and feminine, which is perfect for summer. Instagram user @notalwaysclothesminded wears a blouse with puffy sleeves, an empire waist, and a flowy bottom. The pants are white with light purple flowers and light green leaves. Lastly, a bright green purse is an eye-popping accessory and incorporates more green without it feeling overwhelming.

Mix light and dark

When wearing both purple and green, know that both colors do not have to be in the same tint. Instead, choose one color to wear lighter and one to wear darker. For example, Instagrammer @kimair dons a light green sweater with dark purple pants. Their look is proof of how textures can also be mixed: The pants look almost like satin, which offers a nice contrast for the soft sweater. You can also try the inverse with a pale purple sweater and forest green pants.

Accessorize with different tints and shades

Don't be afraid to utilize different shades of green and purple in the same outfit. In one video from @heidicolourvibes on TikTok, the outfit's base is Kelly green pants and a pale lavender cardigan. Then, the user shows how to kick things up a notch by adding matching accessories in the form of green hoop earrings, white-and-purple sneakers, and a bright purple purse. The bright purple purse both matches and contrasts the lighter purple cardigan. When styling your own version, do the same with different tints of green.

Multi-colored striped sweater

You can also choose multiple shades or tints of purple and green and combine them into one piece of a full outfit! Instagram user @paradise.knits knitted together a sweater with dark and light stripes in both colors, which she pairs well with an olive green skirt. You don't have to knit to recreate this look — find an already-made sweater or top with a similar color combination if you want to show the versatility of purple and green.

Sandwich dressing

The sandwich dressing rule can help you create a balanced outfit. Think of an outfit like a sandwich — the pieces of bread need to match in some way, while the middle part can be different. When styling with purple and green, you can create an outfit sandwich like @deannacoles_. Her sandwich bread is a dark green hat and a green-and-black-patterned skirt. The filling is a purple sweater, and as an added touch, dons a pair of socks in a pale indigo color. You can also play around with different shades or patterns in the same outfit when choosing your pieces.

Cute and casual

Liven up color combinations in casual, day-to-day outfits. Instagram user @lifewith.cameron demonstrates this in an outfit with checkered green-and-yellow pants and a purple T-shirt with a pink-and-yellow design. To get the look yourself, find a T-shirt with a graphic that you like, either in green or purple. Then, find pants — patterned or otherwise — in the color you didn't choose for the shirt. You can tie in a pair of green sunglasses or a headband in green or purple to add some coordinating accessories.

Precious cargo

The purple-and-green trend is not only for those of you who prefer dressing in feminine styles. If your sense of style leans toward the more masculine, you can wear these colors too. TikTok user @thrift.mitch paired green cargo pants with a vintage, deep purple fleece from Adidas. The finishing touch was a pair of white sneakers with green accents. You can recreate the look by finding your own similar thrift pieces. Even if you go with darker shades of purple and green like Mitch instead of Kelly green or lavender, the color combination is just as striking.

Add in neutrals

Tiktokers @oliviaandalice feature an additional color in their coordinating outfits — beige. The neutral tone balances out the brightness of their other pieces. One of their outfits includes a lime green top and purple pants with a beige jacket, while the other includes a beige top and pants with a purple jacket. Both of them have neon green strappy sandals and a purse in one of the two colors. You could also recreate this look by combining a beige jacket and pants with a blouse and shoes in the summery color scheme.

Experiment with tertiary colors

If you want to dance around the color wheel and pair purple with one of green's analogous colors, you can match it with blue-green instead. Instagram user @well_loved_clothing does this by wearing a collared dress with blue-green and purple elements and throwing a royal purple sweater over it. The sweater is also knotted in the front to keep it from being too baggy or slouchy. You can choose either a patterned or a solid-color dress to pair with a sweater or jacket in the other color.

Incorporate pieces with both colors

An easy way to wear purple and green together is to find pieces that already have those colors incorporated. For example, the cardigan in @itsgonnabemae3's TikTok is light green with light purple stripes and accents. She pairs the cardigan with dark green pants and a white turtleneck, along with a purple belt. Recreate this look by finding a similar cardigan or top, but you can replace the green pants with denim, white, or black pants if you prefer.

Retro vibes

If you want to relive the styles of decades past, rocking the purple-and-green color combination is perfect for you. TikTok user @carlita_elizabeth creates a fun fit featuring bright purple pants and a lime green top tied into a crop top, paired with platform neon green boots. The final touches of layered jewelry, a fuzzy purple jacket, and a Scooby-Doo purse tie the look all together and evoke the '70s. Search for darker or paler versions of these pieces if you prefer that over the super-bright look.